Lenovo 13" ThinkPad X1 256GB Tablet

Lenovo 13" ThinkPad X1 256GB Tablet

Anyone have any first hand knowledge?
Considering but looks flimsy. I have always loved my think pads… (even the original paper ones in tan pleather)
Have the 11e non-yoga and thinking about an upgrade.


I am so tempted but the 90-day Woot warranty for a $1000 unit is the deal killer for me; even with credit card double warranty that’s only 6 months, otherwise it’s more cost for SquareTrade, etc. At a much lower price point this would be great; at $1000 it’s only $200 up to get an HP X360 Spectre on sale with equal to better specs and full HP warranty. I realize this is not first hand knowledge, but hope it contributes. The unit struck me as quite sturdy plus the reference to it being hardened.

As to quality, my first and still running hard Lenovo tablet was as shown below 1 1/2 years ago paid $199 direct from Lenovo, so I’m wondering if Lenovo has better pricing and full 1-year warranty on this unit? Roughly checked and this appears to be a small savings; not the most current specs, etc. And there was a Samsung 12-in unit on Woot a few months back for $599, that was a deal I missed and kicking myself. So I’m hesitating based on price not on quality.

ThinkPad 10, Intel x7-Z8750 (1.60GHz, 2MB) 10.1 1920x1200 10.1 1920x1200, Windows 10 Pro 64, 4.0GB, 1x64GB EMMC v.451, 10.1 1920x1200, 802.11 AC BT4.0, 1.2 MP Camera, 2 Cell 32 Wh, 1 Year Depot

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Based on purchase tracking showing only Oregon as someone buying, seems like the crowd isn’t jumping on this. Usually by 7 AM eastern, 70% of the states show purchases, and at least a few 2-unit buyers; none so far.

I had a better spec’ed version but I ended up sending it to my son. It is not a bad tablet, but there is nothing great about it either. At $1k I would have expected 16GB/512GB but with this particular configuration I think the price is the least compelling thing about it.

They don’t show it, but the keyboard does attach at an angle to the bottom bezel if you like (comparable to the Surface Pro line). And there is a microSD reader under the “kickstand” (in quotes because there are 2 positions and only 1 is really usable).

At $800 this would be a good buy. At $1k it is a goodbye.

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At $600 it would be a Woot! Similar to what the Samsung went for.

I have the earlier version of this X1. I love my little guy but it has a much sluggish processor. The X1 is definitely a solid unit but it has a few drawbacks depending on how you intend on using it. I’ll give you my big pros & cons.

Pros: Dual cameras, front and back cameras are a nice touch. The unit is very responsive to touch and the pen is really easy to use. The keyboard feels like a real ThinkPad keyboard which beyond rare in a crossover unit like this.

Cons: The stand mechanism although very sturdy isn’t idea for utilizing it on your lap.

I would pass on this woot sale specifically because I would not want to have an i7 processor but only 8GB of memory.

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Alas, I am late to the party anyway… Glad I hesitated. Thanks to all for the input!