Lenovo 23.8" Full-HD IPS Monitor w/HDMI

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Lenovo 23.8" Full-HD IPS Monitor w/HDMI
Price: $169.99
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Best Buy Reviews

Check out this write-up over at DigitalTrends.com

This is not for the same model # 60CFGAR1US vs the Best Buy reviews for: # 65ACGCC1US - Also, I cannot find this item when searching the Lenovo site.

Anybody else notice ever since amazon bought out woot 90% of there stuff doesn’t ship to APO?

I am pretty sure WOOT rarely shipped to APO… I could be wrong

Mascara not included.

no VESA no thank you

Why advertise full-hd like it’s a big deal. My 21" CRT monitor from over a decade ago did better than that. When you have a monitor this big and you plan on using it with a computer, you want a lot more than full-hd resolution. Otherwise you are only going to end up getting bigger pictures, not more real estate to open more apps or bigger windows.

I agree, this doesn’t compare to some of the other IPS monitors but the price is cheaper. I have a similar 24" Dell IPS but the resolution is 1920x1200, you get much more screen real estate.

I said no for the same reason but you can DIY a mount I guess. I found this video for an Acer Monitor.

Monitor without VESA mount = worthless

“Full HD” = marketing cop-out speak for “we’re too cheap to put proper resolution into this monitor for its size”.

Why go with a bigger monitor when all you’re doing is magnifying the exact same number of pixels as your 17" monitor? 24" should be 1200 vertical lines minimum.

Your specs say 2 Display Port, but I can’t find a picture showing 2.

Does this allow for Daisy chaining Display Port or not?

Buyer fixed things up and said:

The HDMI port is compatible with DisplayPort, so you could technically attach 2 DisplayPort devices to the monitor as long as you have an adapter.

Could you please help me understand what that means?

Does that mean this …

The computer is connected to the
♫ HDMI cable, which is connected to:
♫ this monitor, which is connected to:
♫ two display port cables, which are both connected to:
♫ one monitor each:
And all three monitors can show different stuff, giving me three monitors, assuming that my video card is powerful enough, etc???

Or does that mean all of the above, except that all three monitors show the same thing?

Or does it mean something else entirely?

I dunno, but I’ve asked the buyer to clarify. PS I like your song. :slight_smile: