Lenovo 23" Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitor

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Lenovo 23" Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitor
Price: $99.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 09 to Monday, Dec 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Misleading stock photo here on Woot. I wish it had those non-existent bezels!


I thought it looked a tad unrealistic/exaggerated.

I need a new monitor and was drawn to this one until I began looking at what I can get new for say $30 more. On the mothership I’ve seen numerous new 23" (some slightly larger) monitors that are faster, have multiple HDMI inputs, same resolution, IPS LED backlight, etc. and, in many cases, have thousands of reviewers and avg. 4.4 stars or above and free shippping. I wouldn’t have to buy a 1 yr. warranty because they come with at least that and a 30 day return policy. So why would/should I consider this monitor? To me the extra $30 would seem well worth it. Am I overlooking something? In many cases I think a factory refurbished electronic device could actually be better than new however the only thing that concerns me about a monitor is how readily they can repair say bad pixels and the like.

Can you give some examples? Per a search on Slickdeals, it seems you’re right. I would rate this Woot deal as a bit above average.

I wonder how many people know who the character the referenced was. Chooch

Here’s a listing for a variety of new monitors. All have high average ratings and vary from hundreds to thousands of reviews. For anyone who doesn’t want speakers or want to hook to a TV, HDMI isn’t necessary. A DVI connector provides the same video resolution as HDMI, it just doesn’t have audio, thus the monitors are less expensive, allowing you to go even larger for the same money. If you want to be able to play Blu-ray discs you just want to make sure the DVI provided has HDCP, which everyone I’ve listed does. A few go over my $130 comment by a little but are generally offered by other vendors for less. I just figure for every $20 more I want to spend I’ll just sacrifice 3 McDonalds meals to get something even better. The monitor is an investment that will be used heavily and last a long time, the McDonalds meals … not so much.

Acer 23.8", $129.99, has 4ms response, HDMI (Also DVI w/HDCP), IPS LED, Widescreen

HP 23", $129.99, has same 7ms response, HDMI, IPS LED, Widescreen

Acer 23.8" w/speakers $133.98 (though some @ $124.99), has 4ms response, HDMI, IPS LED, Widescreen

Viewsonic 24" w/speakers, $131, HDMI, MVA LED Monitor, 3 yr. warranty

Acer 24", $119.99, 5ms response, DVI w/HDCP, 2744 reviews

Dell 24" LED, $139.99, 5ms response, DVI-D, Widescreen

HP 24", $129.99, Widescreen LED, 5ms response, HDMI

AOC 24", $129.99, Widescreen LED, 5ms response, DVI-D w/HDCP


I got two of these in the woot-off. My brie review after having them for a couple of weeks:

  1. Was disappointed that it has a matte black plastic bezel and not the brushed aluminum shown in the photo however i got over it pretty quickly.

  2. I don’t really notice the 7ms response time, although I haven’t done any hardcore gaming. Response time seems fine.

  3. Colors are lovely, screen is quite bright, and I love the glossy finish.

  4. It only comes with VGA cables! No DVI or HDMI. Who uses VGA anymore? Not pumped about having to go buy extra cables. Plus I already have dozens of unused VGA cables lying around my house. Was not happy about that.

Overall: Pretty good deal, I needed two monitors and didn’t want to spend more than $250 and these are a good solution.

[[EDIT]] Forgot to mention, the stands that it comes with are quite solid. I’ve had monitors that suffer from wobbling due to cheap plastic. Not here, they’re very sturdy and hold well at whatever angle you set them at.

I like to compare apples to apples. This monitor on the mother ship goes for $147 and carries a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. Woot’s free shipping all this Christmas season after initial first purchase + ability to purchase 1 year extended warranty makes me want to buy 2 of these. I suppose it depends on your perspective. A factory refurbished unit costing $35 - $50 less then new to me seems to be a bargain. I am not new to refurbished purchases and find the value in savings to be excellent - just my own experience. Now I just have to justify buying 2 instead of 1. Link below to Amazon page

Lenovo LI2323s 23-Inch Screen FHD IPS LED-Lit Monitor @ Amazon

Ok In for 2… thanks woot

Hey there, as a couple of you have pointed out, our image doesn’t show the bezel for some reason. Here’s what it really looks like.


I kept going back to this monitor all day because I liked the bezel-less look and think highly of Lenovo. I prefer a matte screen just because of glare but the glossy look is attractive. But in the end I went with a new 23.8" Acer for $129.99. It’s the right decision for me but I hope this Lenovo serves everyone well!

You desreve every return you get!! People buy things like this for estitics … I call foul!!! This is bull!!! Restaurants many other reasons to buy based on its looks rather then specs! Change to pics!!

I bought 3 as christmas presents.

One of which was DOA (great screen, has power, none of the inputs would work.)

Contacted woot who told me to contact lenovo.

Lenovo had a very complex information gathering which took a few days to gather and send to them.

They sent back a message that they do not ‘change warranty periods’. When I replied that woot was advertising a 90 day lenovo warranty they replied that they do not cover refurbished products!


I have replied to both woot and lenovo. They better sort this crap out. I have been a loyal customer of woot for years and have spent thousands of $$$ on this site.