Lenovo 3000 N100 Core Duo T2350 Notebook



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Lenovo 3000 N100 Core Duo T2350 Notebook
$699.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Lenovo 3000 N100 Core Duo T2350 Notebook 1GB, 120GB, DVDRW, 15.4" - 0768E5U

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Back for 1 day, just cause I can!

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bust it… useful linkage for the comparison shopping links… 2fers are nice… this woot is better… viva las wednesday woots… oops… and then there were none… .oh well… still some decent deals on the comparison sites and such… i think… oops… nevermind… fixed it… woot on young steeds.


how do these compare with thinkpads?




only 1 gb…700
you can find these cheaper every other week at office depot with 2gb of ram
sorry woot, cya at the woot off 2morrow


I do not see this as a good woot. Best Buy had an ACER with almost same specs for 499… L O L… I am typing this message on it right now. Looks about $200 too high in my opinion…


Lol, nice, more woot server errors…

On the actual product itself… 1.8GHZ is not too fast… I paid $600 for my computer and it is an AMD dual-core at 2.2GHZ

The graphics card is integrated as well, it’s an intel 950 chipset… which is okay for someone who won’t be gaming. If you will use it to game, you’ll want to either upgrade the graphics card (Not easy to do on a laptop), or just get something else. (Side note: The same computer I mentioned above came equipped with an NVidia 6100)

Fingerprint reader and integrated webcam are two neat features though, for those of you who don’t care about processor speed or graphics capabilities. Also integrated wireless card, that’s good.

Vista premium is also very fun. Windows Aero provides minutes (hours if you’re bored) of entertainment.


It’s tempting but the integrated graphics are a turn off; unless you’re particularly price-sensitive I’d consider an $800 system with a better graphics subsystem.

This sold out thing is happening every time as of late. woot! needs to update their process and/or systems!

Good luck!



Can’t necessarily speak to Lenovo, but IBM laptops have always been very reliable–almost bulletproof. Good battery life, epecially on stand-by, very solid. Let’s hope Lenovo is too.


Chinese made…it’ll be recalled in four weeks anyways.


Cnet review

Not too bad, it’s a great namebrand. It’s got a crappy video card, though.


Circit city had a better offer last week $699 2 gig RAM 160Gig HD
Why would I get this?


Lenovo = thinkpad, for this price it’s a darned good deal. Sure you can buy a cheap Acer (who just bought Gateway) or Compaq, but it’s cheap crap compared to IBM/Lenovo thinkpads.


Lenovo is IBM’s laptop division or maybe its the other way around.


Sorry, but according to TigerDirect, this is a $900 system :).


S Video output, but no VGA? I guess I could really live without either, but… And 1 GB RAM is a bit lacking for a system with Vista IMO.

But not a bad deal overall, just not a super outstanding one. Too bad I already have my laptop for college. Toshiba. Speaking of which, class tomorrow. Good night.


Thank you. I’d be interested to see some comments about the actual item so that if they sort this out and post it for sale, we’ll have the benefit of some advice on whether or not to buy it.


I’ve been looking for a good, cheap laptop, and although this one fits my price range, a Intel 950 graphic processor isn’t going to cut it.