Lenovo 8" Tab4 8 Plus 16GB

Lenovo 8" Tab4 8 Plus 16GB

Does this have 4g LTE?

and does it have usb-C cable and charger?

No, it’s Wi-Fi only.

Thanks. Could you point to the specific model?
This one has 4g.

We’re selling Lenovo TB-8704V.

Update: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, the buyer says it does have 4G LTE + WiFi. The event is updated. Thanks!

I purchased one of these “renewed” from Amazon a couple of weeks ago - for $20 more. Mine arrived as the Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus TB-8704V (Wifi +4G LTE Verizon) I’m happy with it. There were a couple of OS updates to do after I started it up, eventually ended with Android 7.1.1, Security patch level November 1, 2018. A couple of points that may not be caught in the data sheets. It included an FM Radio app - so I can tune in my local radio - just requires you have earphones plugged in (am guessing for the antenna function). It also included the full Microsoft Office Suite for Android (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc). Battery life is very good, screen is about as good as you’ll find nowadays in an 8" tablet. It’s fairly light, but feels solid. The speakers are loud enough and crisp, and you can tweak it with the Dolby app to your preferences. The camera is meh, but haven’t found a good camera in most tablets. The fingerprint reader is built into the power switch on the side - probably the smoothest implementation of a fingerprint reader I’ve found. It has magnetic screen closure if you have a case that provides it. I was able to put in a 400gb micro SD card OK - it sees all 400gb. The bundled Lenovo apps are pretty lame, but doubtful you’d ever need to use them. Overall, mine is a really good tablet.

ThunderThighs, you might want to nail down exactly which model it is Woot! is selling. The TB-8704V is the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus (faster CPU, higher res screen). The TB-8504F is the Lenovo Tab 4 8 (not Plus), slightly slower with a lesser screen quality. If you send the non-plus model to folks expecting the plus, there would probably be a few unhappy Wooters… Attached is a spec sheet from Lenovo. https://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/Lenovo%20Tablets%20_%20Convertibles/TAB4%208%20Plus/Lenovo_Tab4_8_Plus_Platform_specs.pdf

Yep, he updated the model number on the second email and I didn’t see that. It’s the TB-8704V. I’ve edited my post above.

BEWARE: This particular Tab 4 8 Plus variant (the Verizon one, TB-8704V) has a fairly well-documented problem with dropping 5 GHz wi-fi. See this long thread on the Lenovo support site: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Android-based-Tablets-and/WiFi-issue-with-Tab-4-8-Plus/td-p/3986227. It’s possibly due to a glitch in one of the system updates, and Lenovo offers no solutions. This makes the tablet essentially useless as a wi-fi device. I’m in the process of requesting a refund from Woot.

I bought one. I’ve had no WiFi problems with mine thus far, but do have 2.4ghz to fall back onto. I will say that I am a little annoyed this version isn’t getting factory Oreo, but there’s a supposedly good port of LineageOS 16 now available, so I may just jump to that.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty great deal. 1080p IPS HD screen, fingerprint reader, decent CPU/GPU, microSD, etc. You could do a lot worse for $80.

Yeah, I think the problem for me is that the bug is with 5 GHz, and I use the Google Wifi mesh router system at home which doesn’t let you use 2.4 GHz only. I agree, if the 5 GHz bug didn’t affect me, this would be a great tablet for the price!