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Amazing! Turn the Xeon SSF workstation on its side and the SD reader vanishes (see the photos). I think someone had a case of the Mondays when they built the webpage! lol Seems like they have the photos from two different workstations here.

Lenovo discloses for the S1 Yoga that this resolution display (1080p FHD) comes with a pen. These specs mention no such thing.

Is there a digitizer with this unit?

So far, so good on the W530. Nice picture, powerful (realize you’ll need a big power adapter for it, and I do mean big), 3 year warranty, going to try to adjust the date on it to the actual purchase date. Came in the original box. My two cents based on owning several Lenovo laptops: get an extra power supply and battery, which I plan on shortly, and use the backup program that Lenovo offers–worked better than True Image. I still have to see if it fits in my old style dock (and if the battery will fit in my really old battery charger), and I plan on upgrading the warranty to the 5 year warranty (the processor is still pretty powerful for the next to latest W model), but it still has the old touchpad buttons (look at the new models and notice the buttons are gone, and the complaints over the new “flat” buttons, so to speak). The W model has better graphics than I need as well, but I’m not complaining–nicer than the T and X series I’ve had before. Heavier/bigger, but worth the trade-off so far. The only problem so far is difficulty creating a data partition due to MBR slots being all taken, I believe, on the solid state drive.

Oh, and it’s $30 cheaper this time than earlier in the month.
(the T430S isn’t as good of a bargain with the 1 year warranty and slower processor, but I would have been tempted to buy it if it wasn’t for the W530).

Thinkpad S1 Yoga

Really? Seems an unnecessary waste of resources for a Solid State Drive with no moving parts. :wink:

Good catch, was ready to click for 2 when I saw your comment.

Woot Staff,
Would you please supply the Lenovo TYPE number for the E31 you are selling?

They make units with FHD that come without the digitizer and pen. I have same as this only with an i7. great machine, bought for same price as this.

They do? because the Thinkpad S1 Yoga (not the other Yogas from the IdeaPad line) all have been reviewed at 1080p with the digitizer, and I can’t even find a model number for 1080p without a digitizer.

B&H has the same deal on the W530.

Not quite. That one has a standard hard drive. This one is solid state hard drive, so I guess it’s preference in general, although the solid state hard drive tends to be more expensive.
The 3 year warranty here (and probably there) is a depot warranty (you drop it off to get repaired, they don’t come to you).

Also, the deal here includes the stronger graphics processor: K2000M vs. the B&H which includes the K1000M.

nevermind, disregard my question since the laptop sold out.

I love the woot team’s quickness to respond.

Well they do need their sleep…

To update:
the W530 does not fit in the old portable dock for the x220 (at least so far).
The keyboard isn’t as nice as two product lines ago like the x220, but good enough. More importantly, I just tried the new Lenovo product line that took the buttons away on the touch pad, forcing you to push hard on the upper corners of the touch pad instead. As a longtime Lenovo user who relies on the red nub/touch pad buttons and purposely avoids the touchpad and using a mouse, the new version is horrid to me (and that’s the one consistent theme of criticism by the users over at Lenovo’s website’s comments). I just could not get used to it, kept having input errors.

I feel even better buying the old style touch pad (in this W530) with real buttons by the red nub. It’s even tempting to ask the office to buy these for the office as backups for others.

Why the extra power supply and battery? How long does the battery run after a charge?

If I had the dough (just bought a hopped up Sager), I’d be all over this deal like stink on poo.


^Get an expansion caddy and then pick up a 1TB HDD (7200RPM, please).

Dear Woot Staff,

As You are appear to be too stuck up to answer the question I posed a couple of days ago I am removing the computer from my cart. Since I no longer have a need for the information, don’t you dare answer that question in the future!

Sincerely Yours,

I haven’t tried it yet with the W530 while working with it unplugged. I’m giving my opinion after owning 3 other Lenovo laptops that consume less energy than this one (the W530 requires a HUGE 170W power block) that if you run it on max brightness/power, the battery might not even make it half the day (since my less powerful Lenovos have the same problem), so I typically have a second battery ready to switch to during a workday. If you go for maximum power saver mode on a Lenovo and don’t have to use the computer all day as I have to, you may not need to have a second battery. When I read the reviews on my laptops and the expected battery life, I NEVER get close to what the article says (I’m also guessing a few hours since I accidentally pulled the plug out on it while on battery only, on maximum brightness with the power saver mode (when not being used) off, and about 4 hours later, I found the battery had run out).

The power outlet is because I’ve had 1 power block burn out, another one accidentally frayed/bent, so if you need you computer daily and can’t easily find a backup Lenovo compatible power block, I recommend having it handy if you can afford it.

Buying an extra Lenovo battery and power cord isn’t cheap, but I always buy my Lenovos with a decent discount here or during Lenovo’s typically good sale times (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas) and put the savings into the battery and power supply backup.
(on the other hand, going to Best Buy and getting a spare mouse, hard drive, etc. is easy to find. You have me thinking though, that I should check out my local Best Buy and see what they have in stock for my W530).
Hope this helps.

addendum: maybe this can help, too:

and I’m just getting used to having the computer plugged in more. I can deal with that minor hassle for my all-day stuff.

and I might buy this longer-lasting battery, but be warned: $155

One other thing. Remember when I said I wasn’t sure if it would fit the old (edit: they still sell it, and the price is fair, not great at $119–you can do better at Ebay, but comparable to other web prices:
http://shop.lenovo.com/us/itemdetails/40Y7625/460/D91DC49376D94C4690E7BA925BCE90CA) Thinkpad External Battery Charger? Well, the W530 battery DOES fit into the connector, although the battery “slot” has never worked for me, so I think this should work (I haven’t let the battery run down again to test recharging, but it did sense the battery was fully charged).



The newer batteries I believe don’t fit in the charger’s connector (at least Lenovo said that on the phone), another reason to maybe buy last year’s model.

Thanks for your very informative answer


I’ve taken advantage of the offer for the W530, and I have a few questions for those who have preceded me:

[]Can anyone tell me what the machine type is for the ThinkPad W530? It should appear on a sticker on the bottom of the case, and look something along the lines of 1234-ABC. Please don’t post your serial number.
]Has anyone checked to see when their warranty started? It should begin when the unit shipped (at least, it does when bought directly from Lenovo), but I suspect these units might have been “on the shelf” for a while, which means a call into Lenovo to straighten things out.
[]Has anyone contacted Lenovo and been able to by an Extended Warranty or Accidental Damage Protection for their W530?
]Has anyone tried using the RAID options in the BIOS? If so, how well did that work for you?
[]The picture of the unit appears to show a fingerprint reader. Can anyone confirm whether or not one is actually installed?
]Does anyone know which model of Wi-Fi card is installed?
[*]It appears that the eSATAp port on previous models (I have a W510) has been removed. Can anyone confirm that?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!


Aryeh Goretsky