Lenovo Business Class PCs

My comments from the last time these sold still apply. Trying out the extended life battery I bought, extra power supply for the W530 should arrive tomorrow:

Why does the picture show a Lenovo AIO (All-in-One) PC but not offer it for purchase?

Ummmm, I think the Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92Z All-In-One Desktop, currently shown at the bottom right (and currently still available) is the one your’re looking for.

Here’s the link:

Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92Z All-In-One Desktop

I have a T430s as my work computer, and it’s great. Not the best battery life, but the weight and size are excellent. The only problem we’ve seen with the T430s laptops is that if you have particularly heavy wrists, some of ours are showing case cracking on the front corners.

Although the current generation T440s has better battery life, they screwed up (IMO) the trackpad. They ditched the discrete mouse buttons, and now the whole trackpad clicks. Which is fine if you do it right - but Lenovo’s actually “sinks” noticeably when you click it, which is incredibly awkward to use.

As far as the M93p towers, we use those as well. They’re good, but definitely opt for an SSD in them. The difference is night and day. We’ve had very few repairs from our fleet of M91p, M92p, and now M93p towers.

The T430S for $909 is the 23554m2

which comes with Windows 8 but no touch screen, great laptop if you rebuild it to Win 7. Both T430s have the AT&T gobi card, which also works with T-Mobile in select areas.
As others said Lenovo messed up with the T440s.

I’ll toss my two cents in. Lenovo makes amazing computers for good prices…

That being said, I’ve got a lenovo Y500 laptop, a K450 desktop, and a RD630 rackmount server in my house, along with an ancient R40 laptop that is still running along like a tank…

I’ve always been provided good service with the company, and have always recommended them.

I seriously think these are the machines we just recycled from my work…

There appears to some erroneous information in the description for the M93p SFF specs. I’m wondering if anybody can clarify:

  1. The graphics card is shown as Radeon 8470 which hasn’t been made in years. The 8470D is more recent, but still very old. The Lenovo website says the M93p has an optional Radeon 8570 graphics card. I suspect Woot is referring to the internal graphics processor not a “graphics card” as the description says. Comments?

  2. The memory slots are shown as 2. Lenovo says this machine has 4. Could be there are two open slots and two are used for the 4GB memory?

  1. The video card is more than likely integrated (on the motherboard) since the “Expansion Slots & Bays” doesn’t list any slots as “occupied”.

  2. The sale shows: Memory Slots: 4, it more than likely has (2)2GB RAM per slot.
    (Although the specs list “up to 32GB”)

I hope this information has been helpful!

Dear Woot Staff,
Reff: Lenovo Thinkstation E31 Small Form Factor Workstation.

1)There are several different variations in the E31 small form factor line. What is the Lenovo TYPE number or exact model number for this computer?

2)In the pictures Woot shows TWO different fronts on the computer, one with, one without a SD card
reader. Which one are you selling?

These questions were asked when woot had this on sale a couple of weeks ago, and they were ignored by Woot…

These are built to order so we don’t have access to a model number other than the E31 given.

We removed the incorrect photo so all is good. No card reader.

I ordered one of the W530 models that is now sold out. I placed the order on the 4th but it has yet to ship. Anyone else have this same experience?

Now hold on there, cowboy. This here sale said it would ship in 3-5 business days. With the Friday holiday, this is the 2nd business day. So hold on to your saddle and this here laptop will get to you soon. Have a good day now, ya hear?

Patience Grasshopper. . . . The ox is slow but the earth is patient.