Lenovo Business Class PCs

what’s the model number for T430?

The Keyboard is described as “atmospheric”. Really? How’s that? Does it play Brian Eno when you type your new novel - “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy”?

Dudes, you really need to rethink that price on the Lenovo Carbon. For almost $300 less I got a refurb Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro on the chicken ovum site with a 4th gen i7, 256SSD, 8GB, less than 3 lbs, and get this…a 3200x1800 res touch screen. For more coin you get a lot less here.

Personally it was the lower screen resolution of this Thinkpad Carbon, vs the current-gen Carbon that made me pass on this, not price

Price-wise, I think that’s actually good for a non-refurb, given what it sells for today, even at aforementioned site, lowest I could find was $200 more than this, though it did come with a bigger SSD.

Good deal, if this is what you need. Me, I think there shouldn’t be any more 1600x900 laptop displays at this point in 2014

I was issued a 1st gen X1C for work, and I absolutely LOVE it. The rapid charge thing? Yeah, that actually works. It boots instantly, and never hiccups. Battery life? Outstanding.

The Yoga 2 Pro (and the 11S) are great machines, yes. But the X1C is a business machine in every sense of the word. I’ve had this thing dropped off the conveyor belt at the airport, water spilled on the keyboard, and other minor mishaps during travel, and it never skips a beat.

is this thing new or a refub?

i’ve purchased 2 workstations from woot before expecting new, and in both cases they were refubs. for 12 benjis, i’d want something new – even if it’s a great deal.


What’s the model for the Thinkpad 2 tablet?


You can see the condition listed on the sale detail page near the price at the top.

Hey all. We often don’t have model numbers for factory reconditioned or refurbished computers because the lot is a mix of models. You should concentrate on our specs as listed.

What “chicken ovum site”?