Lenovo Business Class SFF Desktops

Is there any way to find out what type/size of motherboards on these machines (i.e. microATX etc.)? ideally for all models, but specifically the m58.

I’d like one, but would probably desire to upgrade it.

IBM Lenovo ThinkCentre SOCKET 775 for A58 , M58 M58E MOTHERBOARD 46R8892
• SLOTS: 2

Product Details
• Product Dimensions: 40.6 x 34.3 x 7.6 cm ; 599 g
• Shipping Weight: 599 g
• Item model number: FRU46R8892
• Socket Type:
• LGA 755
• Application:
• Desktop
• Form Factor:
• Hard Drive Interface:
• Memory Type:
• DDR2

It looks like a small BTX board to me. You might be able to replace it with a newer one from the same line, or certain models from Dell or HP. I wouldn’t plan to upgrade it without a lot of trial and error. I don’t even know if post-LGA775 BTX boards exist.

Picked up an M70e with a 160 GB drive in last week’s scratch and dent $99.99 mystery PC deal. It has been a great machine. Quiet, beautiful, and clean inside and out. The giant shipping box said, “Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.” The Windows 7 license for refurbished PCs was accepted on the first try.

It needed powered speakers and a USB Wi-Fi adapter to serve as a home PC though. I’d recommend a USB hub, since there are only 4 ports in back and 2 in front. The case uses low profile cards, so my full size PCI cards didn’t fit.

Pretty amazing deal for a powerful desktop machine, especially compared to weak Android tablets in its price range.

The M57 Description and Specs say an 80GB HDD. The Features says 800 GB HDD will stores all my stuff. 800 might. 80 Certainly won’t. Something has to be fixed.

When buying a refurbished the first thing you should do is make sure you can register for warranty coverage under your name. I am getting the runaround from Dell and Woot trying to register a Dell XPS I purchased as a refurbished, can’t get it fixed until I get it registered, a task that I’ve wasted four months on so far.

This computer comes with a 1 year warranty.

Do any of these support Bluetooth? I have a keyboard & mouse that I would like to reuse that communicate via Bluetooth and I think that is built in to my current Dell desktop. If not, can one purchase a USB that communicates Bluetooth?

We’ll list “Bluetooth” in the Features/Specs if the item you’re asking about is Bluetooth enabled.

I have two of the M58’s, only they are tower and not low profile so some components with vary. One was refurbished and the other bought in clearance. They are both running Win7 Pro, one 32bit, the other 64bit. Both are outstanding boxes and since I don’t game or use heavy graphics, they work great for my work. I’m thinking of getting one of these M58s. Win7 OS still costs what these are selling for, so you are basically getting the computer for free and then get a free upgrade to Win10. Tempting…

Will any of these have the free upgrade to Win10 and what is the best one to get if I plan to do that?

The Windows 10 upgrade is free for any Windows 7 or newer system.