Lenovo Core2Duo IdeaCentre All-in-One with 21.5” LCD

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Lenovo Core2Duo IdeaCentre All-in-One with 21.5” LCD [New] - $699.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Lenovo A600 30113RU IdeaCentre Core2Duo 4GB DDR3 500GB TV Tuner 21.5” LCD Vista Home Prem

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in-depth review over at desktop preview

All the cool folks are with Coco.

I’m with Coco!

I’m with CoCo also! Screw Jay Leno!

Woot’s with Coco! Right choice!

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Awesome… woot! is keeping up with the NBC late night drama!!! :slight_smile:

Now, what is going on, on daytime?

Does it have a free upgrade to Windows 7?

I answer my own question after reading…“The Windows 7 Upgrade makes up for the installed Vista, and the Intel Core2 Duo Processor works great.”

Good to see Conan got a Woot modeling gig.

Anonymous Woot ad writer, will you marry me?

(I’m technically Team Dave, but that also makes me Anti-Leno in any situation.)

Generally lenovo makes average machines. Only problem is you have to do a fresh windows install to rid it of all the garbage lenovo programs that come with it and compromise the speed. I did that to my girlfriends lenovo laptop and it works great now.

Richter for VP!


Team Coco!

jumpin’ on the CoCo bandwagon

cnet review here

Yay Woot! I’m with CoCo too!

Best. Product description. Ever.