Lenovo Diskless 4-Bay Rackmount NAS

Why can’t you list what type of drives is requires / supports? That’s kind of important on a $500 NAS device.

I agree. here is what I found from the Lenovo site.

Capacity: 0 – 16TB. 4 x SATA HDD bays. Empty bays are
fitted with a drive carrier. Carrier can accommodate 2.5”
and 3.5” drives.

Product information - PDF Alert!

Ethernet speed, is …?

…found in the pdf doc.

Here it is:


My biggest pet peeve: when someone answers his/her own question, edits the post, and doesn’t include the answer.

Anyway, for those who’d rather not open PDFs: “Dual Gigabit Ethernet”

Does anyone have any experence with these? How do they compare with, say, synology products (in particular the 1515+)? Anyone have any luck using PLEX on it? I hear the software is a bit of a pain to use and not very configurable… Which is a shame because the hardware looks pretty nice.