Lenovo Diskless 4-Bay Rackmount NAS

I can’t find any reviews on this. I’m worried that I’ll buy it and regret it! WOOT, HELP!

Unless you need the rackmount form factor, you can probably find a more suitable (and newer model) NAS for close to the same price, like a QNAP TS-451 or Asustor 5004T.

There’s few reviews because this was targeted at the business/it sector and not the home user. Your best bet is to look for reviews/features of the LifeLine OS that it runs on and compare them to what’s offered by a home model. Hardware wise it’s much older and less power efficient, which you should consider with a device that stays on 24/7/365.

tl/dr: You probably won’t regret it if you have use for a NAS, but you can probably also do a lot better.

Thanks so much! I appreciate that! I am looking for an NAS, but like you’ve said-- there probably is better out there. Too bad there’s no way to haggle on woot! :wink:

Thanks again!

I have seen prices come down sometimes later in the day. (: