Lenovo Dual-Core 11.6" LED Notebook

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Lenovo Dual-Core 11.6" LED Notebook
$339.99 + $5 Standard OR $18 One-Day OR $13 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Alright alright, what’s all this then?

inb4 wootalyzer?

[edit] FAIL.

I saw LED and thought cool, and then I saw the laptop and it looks like ancient technology. Not very aesthetically pleasing.

$539.00 on Amazon, though the Amazon one has 4GB instead of 2GB. Sounds like you could upgrade to 4GB for a lot less than the $200 difference, though.



It can be done!

I’ve heard many comment that the ThinkPads are work horses though.

This looks like you get all the good stuff about a netbook - but with a lot more power and tons more connectors. HDMI out? Awesome-sauce. If I hadn’t just bought a MBP, I’d be all over this.

They do, my gf has one issued from work and it’s fast. But for me form > function. (to a degree)

rock chalk

Woot-Off started with the monkeys? I hope that’s a good sign that there will be a new monkey appearing later.

In general, Thinkpads are great machines hardware wise but they are not the best looking computers.

Also indestructible. I’ve heard stories of them being dropped from significant heights and still working.

Throw a SSD in this baby, it will be the most awesome computer you own.

Yes, but real wooters don’t think, work, or play horse. :wink:

these are incredibly functional workhorses. they even make them where you can spill a glass of water into the keyboard and it runs right through.

I have a recent one from woot, but bigger. Love it! I had two in the past. Loved them!

Now, noone buy them so i can complete my 20 min drive home without missing my BOC. kaythanxbai

i have this lappy. it is not a netbook. apparently it can play starcraft 2 but i wouldnt. it has the best keyboard ever the only problem that i have is with the linux support. i get about 2-3 hours battery life and it never gets too hot. you might consider getting 7200 hdd or one of those corsair sdd they had on woot

[edit] this thinkpad does have the draining liquid keyboard but it doesnt have the rollcage that makes thinkpads famously indestructible (sturdy enough for me)

I’ll take great hardware over aesthetics anyday. I mean, who cares what your computer looks like as long as it does what you need it to?

Lenovo makes quality Laptops and Netbooks. They are pretty much bulletproof.