Lenovo Flex 3 14" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook

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Lenovo Flex 3 14" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook
Price: $424.99
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Condition: New


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CPU Benchmarks

Does anyone have this model? What do you think? It seems to be hard to find reviews, because the model number doesn’t seem specific enough to narrow down to the exact one.

Amazing lack of comments on this item. What gives???

This item launched later in the day (about 5 hours ago) and most of our comments happen in the evening and in the early morning.

They’ve advertised this three times this week. First two times I failed to pick one up. First time I just didnt want to spend the money, second time I wanted to buy but had internet issues where I was travelling.

Having been stuck in economy class on business travel for 15 hours or more… this 14 inch laptop can do one thing a bigger laptop can’t do - fit on the fold out table in economy class. If not then I’ll be putting it on ebay.

Processor is fairly meaty. Screen isn’t HD sadly… But it can take memory and SSD upgrades unlike its 11 inch counterpart. You can also buy a bigger unit with a regular HD from best buy for about the same price. I’m looking for fast/portable and upgradable. Also looking to replace a tablet with it.

Winning ! (maybe)