Lenovo Flex 3 14" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook

When it says the RAM is “on board,” does that mean it is built into the MOBO and cannot be upgraded?

No, the RAM is upgradeable. I own the Flex 3-1480 Signature Edition (i7, discrete Nvidia GT 940 graphics) and I have removed the bottom to upgrade the HDD. I didn’t upgrade thge RAM on mine but it definitely had actual non-soldered SODIMM module(s). Unfortunately I don’t remember if it has 2 slots or one, and it’s kind of a pain to open. That being said, this is a nice laptop. It’s not quite an apples-to-apples comparison for me, since mine has better specs, but the fit and finish is quite good.

The service manual for this laptop, for reference (PDF): https://cdn.cnetcontent.com/b2/88/b288346d-a464-4f44-9349-ce3ae809c7c0.pdf

That actually seems like a really good deal for it being New and having the 6200u.

“HD Touchscreen” … 1366x768 resolution. WTF? Definitely not “HD”

720 IS HD and this is a little better than 720.

When the manufacturers improve the screen resolution from 1366 to true/full HD at this resolution, then I will start buying. 5 inch phones have superior resolution…

I got this last week from woot. I like it. Ram is upgradeable has 1 slot with a 4gb sodimm need to replace with an 8gb (max). The flex 4 supports 16gb. As for the resolution I am perfectly happy with it. The Flex 4 has the higher resolution built in. All in all I feel it was a good deal.

Yeah - but it still sucks. My phone is 1440x2560 and the screen is 5.5 inches. There is no reason that any current generation screen larger than 7 inches is not at least 1920x1080. That’s what ruins the deal here.