Lenovo Flex 3 14" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook

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Lenovo Flex 3 14" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New


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Resolution: 1366 x 768…

You keep using that word…


Grrrr…thanks for pointing that out. I almost pulled the trigger on this one. Not sure why manufacturers are even making these lo-res screens any more.

Yeah, if it doesn’t say “FullHD” or “1080p” you should definitely double check if they mean 720p. Sure, it’s technically HD, but it’s not what most folks think of.

While 1280x720 might be “HD”, it’s really more like “HD Light” and 1920x1080 is HDweiser, which would make 3840x2160 a nice microbrew or import.

1366x768 is neither HD nor HD Light, it’s actually pee in disguise as light beer - it can’t display 1080p and it can’t display 720p without scaling* that cocks everything up.

1366x768 panels should have been exterminated in the wild long ago, there’s no real reason for them and they don’t really “improve” things much in terms of screen space over 1280x720.

  • Unless the firmware provides for a 1:1 pixel mapping which would leave an unused black border around the edge most people wouldn’t like so firmware that allows for this can be somewhat rare in a computer.

so does the warranty we buy begin AFTER their warranty or is it one of those double insurance type deals for the first year that gets absorbed into the manufacturer’s warranty?

would this be good for a middle school child?

Only if they use it.

As far as value, Costco has the Flex 4 at 599 right now. I realize its a lot nore, but with a low reaolution screen, this doesnt seem worth the money. I would certainly shop around as these refurbswill continue to drop in price. Black Friday craziness is here and other online sellers have stronger deals brewing.

For what it’s worth, this is now, not refurb.

I’m a little torn here- because I HATE the 1366x768 resolution. But at this price the laptop has a lot of nice features for a middle schooler. The fact that it can be folded back like a tablet, or used like an easel is cool- and definitely useful options for a middle schooler. It has a small SSD, and the RAM could be increased to 8gb- but as is it’s pretty functional at this price, and upgrades are easy on this model because once the back is removed all of the components are easily accessible. The I5-6200u is a nice, efficient, adequately powerful current processor with decent graphics capabilities (for integrated graphics) http://laptoping.com/gpus/product/intel-hd-520-graphics-specs-reviews/

For the price- it’s decent, I just REALLY wish it had at least a 1920x1080 resolution. For a middle schooler, I think it’s a useful combination of a laptop that can work like a tablet. These are kind of touchscreen laptops that make sense, because they can be contorted into a tablet or easel. It’s new with a 1 yr warranty also.

I haven’t bought anything on woot on awhile but this looks pretty good. I need to replace an aging netbook that the wife is using. Only thing I don’t like is this has a touchscreen. I’m sick of touch screens. I only like them on my phone or tablet.

I do not like touchscreens either, except when I am using some photo software which gives me more control in editing. In my real world, I just use a mouse or a pad, even with my 27" touchscreen, which I haven’t even seen since I bought mine.

Anyone know if the ram is upgradeable?

The Square Trade Warranty would overlap the manufacturer’s warranty, but potentially provide coverage for different issues. I suggest exploring both for more specific details.

according to this http://www.myfixguide.com/manual/lenovo-flex-3-1470-disassembly/- it looks like there is only 1 slot, so upgrading it would mean removing the 4GB and adding an 8GB - remember this is DDR3L (low voltage ram) 1600MHz. The technical specs list 8GB as being the max amount of RAM supported. Even though the chipset may support more RAM, it’s possible their bios has limitations. Personally, for this type of laptop, this processor, I think 8GB is the sweet spot for RAM, anything more would sit unused for 99.9% of the users out there.

Is the keyboard backlit?

How can having a touchscreen be a negative? You can pretend it’s not a touchscreen- and not touch it. You can even disable the touchscreen input. And then 1 day when you realize you can fold the keyboard back and use it like a tablet, you can remember that you have a touchscreen again.