Lenovo IdeaCentre 700 27" Intel AIO Touch Desktop

I have one of these- these are great. I would suggest to woot that instead near “UHD” you put (4K display). More people identify with “4K” vs UHD. The realsense camera is really cool on this also. This is not a gaming PC but will do light gaming. The dedicated videocard is there because it’s a 4K display and you have a lot more pixels to push around, and the integrated graphics may support that resolution, but may not run it optimally. The only thing not too great are the speakers- not horrible, but real average. I bought mine refurbed for $720 about a month ago (Ebay), and the people that refurbed it for some reason installed the OS on the HDD and not the SSD- not a big deal I just cloned it over to the SSD. Just a heads up in case you get one imaged like mine. This is still a decent price though, especially when you consider the additive cost of the components in this PC.