Lenovo IdeaCentre Quad Core 23" All-in-One PC with 1TB Hard Drive and Blu-Ray

The devil is near!

Hope there is just one.

$777.77 is a really odd price.

What a heavenly price!

that a lot of 7’s. can i get a 2 or 4 or a vowel or something?

Steal of the woot-off… retails at $1400

Well, I think this is the item that’ll kill the woot-off for the night. Because me and my $777.77 can probably be saved.

This would be the time to grab that 10 hours of sleep.

I have a budget, I am not spending anything over 777.76 for a new cpu

Oh come ON! It’s 11:30. The Woot Off is almost over. Where’s my Crap??

Not a bad machine, just wouldn’t pay that much for it. Not this time of year when prices are getting slashed. Not a big Lenovo fan either.

77777 is the smallest Palindromic Wing prime greater than a googol

The grass elephants are adorable.

You just made that up.

Woot stinks!!! only the second time that the page has opened in the last 23 1/2 hours for me cant buy if the pages wont open. And I have seen several items that I wanted.
Trouble is only on woot.

The grass elephants come free with purchase.

C’mon…buy it…you know you want to…

Not a bad write up here


A niche touchscreen pc, hence the premium.

What’s up with the design? Looks like it belongs in an StarTrek Next Generation episode.