Lenovo IdeaPad 13.3” Notebook

f u woot

Missed the BOC again… Oh well. Time to turn off the USB woot lights and go take a nap with my screaming woot monkey. Bag Of Crap; I shall see you in my dreams!

Does it come with an OS? I do not see one listed.

this is included with last purchase, if you succeeded.


I got to the ORDER page before the servers failed me. Haven’t gotten a BOC in a couple of years. Why even bother with it…???

a Review

Are they nuts? No optical drive? Why doesn’t it say “NETbook?” For over $400 it SHOULD have an optical drive. No, thanks.

woot please buy new servers I have never got a B O C even though I have seen it many many many times. Starting to get old.

horse shit i wait all day i walk away for 2 minutes and i missed it damn it

I got to checkout, but it froze!! devastating

I really thought today was my day for bologna on ciabatta. No such luck.

“: )”

Unbelievable, that’s 2 BOC’s in a row!!
After 5 years of trying, I’m convinced it’s possible.

Yeah, missed the crap. Well, crap.

I hate that there is another screen after “This info is correct”. I can never get past this page to get to the real golden button.

I missed the BOC, first one I’ve ever seen, and couldn’t get through in time {sigh}

Idea Pad = iPad?

I assume if I got in hit purchase and then looked away for a second only to turn back and see the woot front page I didn’t get a bag of crap.

I has a sad as I has not a Boggy Old Creature. I was so close I could smell it. Anyone want to sell me a television that is larger than 12" for $8 (including shipping)?

well another boc comes and goes, but at least I got my roomba earlier…
now this would be the ideal notebook to add to my collection - if only it had windows 7 and not vista. ARG

and it got decent reviews on newegg to boot http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834146578