Lenovo IdeaPad 13.3” Notebook

Operating system?

This computer is God-awful. The speed/memory/graphics/brand/size are all terrible and there are FAR better alternatives that are far cheaper. You’re better off getting a netbook. This computer should be priced at $150 on Woot!. Shameful

Vista Home Premium

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ya you can see from the sticker

A few reviews at Newegg

This laptop does not seem to have a DVD-ROM.
At least one is not listed on the spect and I can’t see it on the pictures.
I have a newer model of this laptop and the plastic (top and bottom) fells cheap and unfinished. On the plus side the laptop runs very well on Windows 7 (This model has a Vista OS)

If you do any processing, don’t expect the 4 cell battery to last more than 2 hours.

Here is a youtube video tour by lenovo

Strange that the netbooks seem to be all Lenovo does right these days. Even looking at what they did to the x60 (now x200) is pretty disappointing.

So, this has a webcam, but does it have a microphone? It seems it should if it has a cam, but need to know… Gee, few of you really hate this thing too… 1.3 Ghz, that is pretty weak. Any suggestions as to a better unit?

Here’s cnet’s review.

There are retail netbooks from Dell and HP that are maybe an inch smaller with 1.6 ghz atom processors. Sure it’s not much better but the atoms are supposedly more efficient for netbooks i.e. they’re built for them. They also have solid state drives, 6 cell batteries usually and shouldn’t be more than $300

It’s got 3GB of DD3 RAM that’s got to be worth $100 The HD has to be worth $100, part it off, it’s well worth $300 hehe :wink:

Sorry no. Most netbooks these days are 10.1" with 1GB of DDR2 and rarely sport those tiny solid state drives. Most have 160GB sata drives. The better netbooks are slightly better but get up to this price. This isn’t a netbook though, its an “ultra-portable” Better than a netbook but not a full fledged notebook. Scrap Vista for something that doesn’t suck and its actually a pretty good deal. As far as cpu you are wrong again. Read excerpt from cnet:

while the IdeaPad U350 has a single-core Pentium U2700 ultralow-voltage processor (ULV). The Pentium U2700 is still far better than the Atom processor that runs in nearly all Netbooks.

New… With Windows Vista?! Blech.

And a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 4500M chipset? Blech.

Not the same computer as is being sold here at woot tonight.

Last time it was on sellout.woot


How much does it weigh?