Lenovo IdeaPad Intel Core 2 Duo 14” Notebook

Holy crap it’s a “new” laptop.

too rich for my blood.

is this eligible for a free windows 7 update since its NEW

Amazon, for $1000, with two 5-star reviews and one 1-star (complaining about touchpad sensitivity)


[Froogle](http://www.google.com/products?q=Lenovo IdeaPad Intel Core 2 Duo 14” Notebook)

Robot! In for 3.


I’d be interested if woot offered up a notebook with blu-ray and hdmi. I have several DVD players already so this doesn’t do much for me…

Why, it’s not a laptop at all… It’s a magical box with the soul of an evil robot trapped in it!

A robot within a robot… perplexing…

That is one awesome robot in the picture on the screen.

What is this? Some sort of folding iPad?

Not bad. I like seeing the DDR3 on a laptop, decent deal too.

Lil outta my range for now tho… :frowning:

AMAZING Deal for 4gb ram and core duo

Who chopped off Rosie’s head?!?! (the robot from The Jetsons)

I’m having deja moo from earlier today.

Best item description ever

Has HDMI mate, and an eSATA port, lets be honest when will you EVER find a laptop on woot with Bluray… ever…

sorry woot no win 7 no deal