Lenovo Intel Dual-Core Laptop with 15.6” LED Display

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Lenovo Intel Dual-Core Laptop with 15.6" LED Display
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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i feel a bag of crap coming on… and im going to leave it flaming on their Woot! doorstep. (<–poop joke)

Anyone? Anyone? Take one for the team?

Not a bad deal for this amount of power.

thanks for saving me 30 bux compared to the amazon price.

The fans on these tend to run loud and the heat generated is bothersome.

Doggone it! I missed this on the commute to work - but with only 17 Woots - I’d have missed out anyway. Still hanging on for a laptop this WootOff

Well … mine arrived yesterday. I set about uninstalling all of the manufacturer provided crap, and then one reboot later … Windows hangs on boot. Joy.

Since I was planning on installing Linux anyways, I ended up wiping the Windows install, and doing a fresh Ubuntu install … which failed.

Turns out that the harddrive has bad blocks scattered all over. Shazbot!

Of well, off to the local computer store for another new hard drive.