Lenovo Iomega IX4 12TB 4-Bay NAS



What brand/type of drives does this NAS come with?


If they’re not saying, assume Seagate or no name brand. If it were WD Reds, it’d be listed in the features.


The wording is very vague. I’m not convinced that it actually comes with drives.


I agree. How do we find out if it does or doesnt come with drives?


This comes with four 3TB drives for a total of 12TB. Checking on whether we can get the brand/type, though.


This isn’t a bad deal then for the $? Unless the “brand/type” of the pre-installed HDs are garbage…


The last page here seems to indicate ST300DM001



And if you like reading about the internal drives…check here for other experience with the drives…


And the list of approved drives…
the drives included may not be NAS drives…but regular Seagate internal drives…



Can we get some verification on what drives are in this NAS?

ST300DM001 has a poor track-record (unually high failure rates), and with 4 of them, you are statistically unlikely to make it past 6 months before failure… and I see only 90 day warranty shown… (gone foreever are the days of 5year hard-drive warrantees I guess)

Since these are refurbs… perhaps there’s a different model of drive in them? I would be in if that’s that case… but if they are the failure prone
ST300DM001… 600 bucks is just too much for what will quickly become an empty enclosure for which I need to buy a set of drives…


Unfortunately, with Factory Reconditioned products, it could be a mix of drives across the lot.


Hmm… too much of a risk then.

How about just selling the reburbed NAS’s without the drives? (chances are, faulty drives were the reason they were returned in the first place) I know the IX4 was available in that config originally… NewEgg currently sells the ST300DM001 at 90 bucks… so the bare-bones nas (no drives) should be $240…


Note that the ST300DM001 seems an odd choice to put in a nas pruduct in the first place… the DM line is the desktop version of the drive… it’s the VN line which were made for uses like NAS…

I got a ST3000DM001 sitting in an external drive, which has only been powered up a total of 9 months… and already has over 5000 reallocated sectors… (I originally had a couple other of those drives in my server, and neither lasted a year… replaced them with some ST400DX000 and ST400VM00s which have been up for over a couple years now, none of which have any bad sectors, despite heavy use…