Lenovo Legion 15" FHD i7 GTX1660 Ti Notebook

Lenovo Legion 15" FHD i7 GTX1660 Ti Notebook

Is it 16 or 12 GB memory? The features section says 16 but the specs section says 12. Thank you.

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Maybe 16GB are installed, but only 12GB work

Not a good deal, Costco comes with better cpu, 16g ram, 500g ssd 1tb hd, 144hz screen.

No way they would list 16GB, but then only 12GB is available. It is a boo-boo on either end and I bet it is a 12GB machine. And, not good for a gaming machine.

I see the manufacturers finally have moved on from the 1366x768 screens. Now they cut corners with cheap SSDs. 256GB? On a gaming machine?

it does have a 1TB HD if you need more space for files. It would be nice to have a 1TB SSD but then you would have to pay more right?

If you look up the specific model number on Lenovo’s site they say 16GB, but it does seem quite suspicious that the specs actually list the RAM config of a 4GB and an 8GB.

Fixed. These have 16GB Memory installed.

If you’re looking for a budget laptop, this definitely is nice. I have the ROG Zephyrus G14 (currently $1150 at BB), which is a little smaller and has slightly better internals, but also only has one drive bay and only 120Hz refresh on the display.

If you’re cool with a laptop that’s currently out of stock (7-14 days out) but still available to purchase, consider the newer model of this laptop being sold for $1100 at B&H, which has better internals (newer, stronger CPU and GPU, plus a 1 TB SSD) for only a few dollars more.

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You are right, that is a far superior machine and worth the few extra bucks.

You’re right that you can install games on the HDD and play them- and you will not drop frames- they will play just fine. The problem comes in loading the game- The SSDs will initially load the game much faster, so if your impatient you’ll definitely want an SSD, because some of those games can take a little while to load off an HDD. SSDs have fallen in price, you can get a decent 1TB for about $85 now- so you can always replace the HDD with an SSD in the future.

Is there any reason why the newer version of this, or this one, would not be good for basic video editing? I’ve been using a Mac for a long time and I need to get a Windows machine and I’m just getting tired of looking.

None that I can think of, but I do approximately 0% video editing, so YMMV.