Lenovo M57 Intel Dual-Core USFF Desktop

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Lenovo M57 Intel Dual-Core USFF Desktop
Price: $59.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at NewEgg.com

CPU Benchmarks

Newegg link above for 750GB (1TB possibly) hard drive. Also reviews aren’t that stellar. This might make a decent point of sale machine if you need serial and parallel for cheap.

There is no exact model number listed, as there are many different versions of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M57 – There should be a “Type #” listed as part of the specs. Its hard to make a decision about the product without all the necessary information about exact model. Does anyone know which “Type #”?

This one is the $59.99 type.

With refurbished computers, each lot may be a mix of model numbers. They are brought to the specs listed in our sale.

On Black Friday last year I bought 3 of the model M55 in this series from Newegg on a similar deal, the M55 model had a slower 1.8ghz Core2Duo and 80gb hdd and same 2gb RAM. After all discounts they came to around $40 each.

I figured at that price I was getting a Windows 7 license and could use the PC’s as budget desktops in a business.

Like this one they came with Windows Home Premium not Pro which you will need to install on any business network with a domain.

The units I got were pretty rough. If they come from the same refurbisher they (unnecessarily) black out any scratches on the case with a black marker. I ended up painting the cases with matte black paint.

They are well engineered, built like tanks, ran Windows 8 better than expected. Like this model they had two RAM slots with a gig in each so any upgrades require new memory but unlike this model the M55 used SIMM’s, this one uses laptop SODIMMS I see.

Still a deal but know what you’re getting.

Do these come with a floppy disk drive?

Do these have a VESA mount to attach to the back of a monitor?

Can I use this unit with wireless router or wifi?

That’s what I thought

If this is a serious question, no, but you can buy one for less than 20 bucks.

Can you upgrade the RAM on these? If so how high can you go?

could easily be turned into a file server, it has 4 SATA ports

In for 1. Gonna find out if it runs DOS 6.21. No, really.

If the photo is believable, it looks like there’s an eSATA port on the back. Makes up for the lack of USB 3.0.

While this isn’t a very powerful machine, it has a lot of hardware flexibility.

In for one. The specs say…
(1) External Slim 5.25-inch bays
(2) Internal 3.5-inch bay
I assume the cd/dvd is in the 5.25" bay and the hard drive is in one of the 3.5" bays, leaving room for one more hard drive. Can anyone confirm this takes 3.5" SATA hard drives for sure? I’m ordering a 1TB drive for more room. Also, is this UEFI or standard BIOS? Wanting to install Linux on second drive.

Nope, no floppy drives on these.

There are no VESA mounts on these units, these units are bigger than youd think.