Lenovo M57 Intel Dual-Core USFF Desktop

Can anyone tell me if this model would be able to support dual monitors?

I got one of these in last December’s “Random Dual-Core Windows 7 Desktop” sales for $99.99. Mine was a MT-M6072 “type”. It upgraded to Win10 last July with no problems. It came with 2G RAM & 80G HD and I’ve had no problems with it. So, this looks like a cheaper/better version.

I don’t see a network card mentioned in the specs, so I’m going with no. You could add one though.

It does have an Ethernet port for direct connection.

Specs say it can go to 4GB.

Looks to only come with one video output (VGA) so as is, probably not. You’d need to upgrade with a graphics card most likely.

Could this be used for running Kodi or Plex for a media center?

You mention it uses SODIMM – how do you know this? please point me to where it states that, as if true I have 2 4GB modules laying around here which i can use. But from the specs I see — it specifically states DIMMS and 4 slots.

Put in a second nic and it will make a great pfsense router.

Does anyone know how well this would do with video playback? Looking for something that could play HD movies

Modification Rock on the M58

My PC arrived. It turns on and runs ok, but the CD/DVD drive doesn’t work. It doesn’t show up in device manager either. Flipped the cover open, everything is plugged in, so not sure if it’s a dead optical drive or something more serious. Also had a look around… There is only 2 memory slots, not 4 like the specs say. And it only has 1 Internal 3.5-inch bay, not 2 like the specs say. It also only has 1 SATA connector on the motherboard. I contacted Woot for an RMA and refund.

My optical drive also did not work at first but I had to remove and re insert it more for a better connection. I did not get 4 memory slots only 2. I did not get the 2 3.5 inch bays just 1, but I think this is a typo I can’t see 2 fitting in the current case. I did 1 SATA connector not mentioned on the specs. However I still like the computer and keeping it. I’ll leave it to Woot if they want to give a little back for the spec mistakes as I bought the product based on the specs.