Lenovo M700 Intel i3 128GB SSD Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo M700 Intel i3 128GB SSD Tiny Desktop
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Sep 26 to Tuesday, Sep 27) + transit
Condition: New


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Hold Lenovo’s tiny desktop
even thinner when it’s sideways
lay it on your table linens
but not near fizzy drinks, okay?

We spent SO MUCH TIME in the writer’s room making up silly lyrics about this product to the tune of Tiny Dancer… Wait- is this Todd’s account?

Does it extra room and sata connection inside to fit an extra hdd?

Lots of Discussion from August’s Sale

Pretty decent HTPC…Not high end…But economical alternative…

If the video does 4K then pretty decent deal…

Anyone…Have not looked yet?

Intel 530???

That’s a huge pencil!

I’m not familiar with the two port display connectors in the rear of the unit.

Are they HDMI or something newer?

What type of cable do they require?

No. All expansion has to be external. Plenty of USB3 ports, though.


They are DisplayPort. You can adapt them to HDMI or DVI, or you can get a monitor with DisplayPort.

No extra room for expansion other than adding more ram. I got this in the recent wootoff. Great PC. expands to 32GB ddr ram. Also has 3 display ports despite the photo of the rear shown.

I got this during the last wootoff, and mine actually had 3 display ports so you can actually hook up 3 monitors.

So all the space you save you can fill with monitors. Weeee.

I have mine hooked up to a 4K monitor. No gaming just dev work. I have run MythTV (decoding MPEG2 @ 1920x1080) in a window without issues. Have not tried anything that might actually stess the CPU/GPU.


HDMI 1.4 so 1080p there, or maybe 4k @ 29 or 30, but DP shows 4k @ 60.

Note: everything I’ve read says dual channel memory preferred or even required for decent 4k playback.

What’s the form factor on the SSD? 128G is barely usable; need 512G at a minimum, preferably 1T or more.

sweet, looks like it has a head phone jack

The Lenovo site says it has space for a 2.5" and an m.2 connector ssd, both SATA. Unfortunately (as usual?) we’re not provided with quite enough details here - thanks Woot!

Safe bet would be it’s got a 2.5" installed, so you could replace it or add an m.2 SSD.

Oh yeah - damn you Woot!

I just bought the Newegg ‘Special’ HP Prodesk 600 G1 mini for $250 the other day, now you post this!

Is the Skylake i3, N -> AC, and the SSD enough to make me return my yet-to-arrive HP… probably…

grumble grumble grumble…