Lenovo M700 Intel i3 128GB SSD Tiny Desktop

So is it loaded with windows 7, or 10? It says both…

Windows 7 is loaded from the factory.

The license number covers either Windows 7 or Windows 10 should you want to migrate to 10.

Contradictory info in “Features” and “Specs” about which Windows is pre-installed and which has additional license. Woot: Straighten this out, please!

Why would this need a VESA mount option? Would someone really want/need to wall mount this tiny thing?

Vesa mount it to the back of the TV, I assume?

I’ve seen Vesa mounts to mount these to the back of a monitor stand.

Someone at Lenovo should be beaten for putting in 2 DP and 0 HDMI.


Will this drive a 4K TV at 60Hz using a DP++ to HDMI cable?


Is there anyway to add a second SSD into this? I saw from the intel RST it shows there are 8 other sata port that is not connected? but when i opened it up I did not see any but i didnt thoroughly look. But I do see some connecting ports that is not being used so I am thinking do I need some kind of adapter? I would like to install a second on right on top of the existing one.