Lenovo M72E Intel 128GB Tiny Desktop

Lenovo M72E Intel 128GB Tiny Desktop

Not sure how this is a clearance price. I bought one of these with a 4th gen i5, 8gb RAM and a 128 SSD for this price just a few weeks ago. The i3 processor is a deal breaker here.

I agree. I’ve seen the type you mention around the site before. These prices are not clearance and way too high for the specs they have compared to similar models offered before. Hard pass.

Hold me closer tiny desktop

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Of the four product images, only the third is of the product being sold (m72e). The other pictures are of a different product.

Concur 100%. I love the Lenovo Tiny series computers, but these are hardly deals at these prices. i5 or better at these prices would be good.