Lenovo M72E Intel 250G SATA Tiny Desktop

Probably too late to get a reply before the sale closes, but maybe for next time: I’m looking at this because my old desktop died last night. Love the tiny form factor.

As usual, tried to do a little research for prior sales. With the Plus sale format, it seems pricing info is lost, unless someone or some tracker has posted it. As a result, I am not able to compare prior pricing for this model, only for a similar one with a bigger HD (320GB, as opposed to 250GB for this one). Trying to understand why this one is going for $180, while the one with the larger HDD was sold for $140.

From what I see they are the same model #, same CPU, memory, warranty, and OS. The sale page for the 320GB version carried a banner touting the possibility of free OS upgrade to Win 10, but that was a time-limited offer, and not available now, as far as I understand. Also, per the discussion, that one offered wireless, while this one says in the specs that it doesn’t. (Can a Mod kindly verify that?)

I’m left trying to figure out the basis for the price differential. (Supply and demand? Ouija board?)

Supply and demand is exactly it. And no Win10 update.

Thanks for getting back to me.

What of the wireless question? Yea or nay?

We don’t list it as such; but with these being refurbs, it could end up having wireless, we just don’t want to promise it and have it not be there.

OK, thanks. the possibility of no wireless is a deal-breaker for me. :frowning: