Lenovo M72E Intel 320G SATA Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo M72E Intel 320G SATA Tiny Desktop
Price: $139.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

Wow. Tempting. With an SSD upgrade would make a sweet $200 car computer.

No HDMI output? I wooted the HP 200-010 last year for about $165. The specs are similar except for the HDMI output. It’s now part of my entertainment system. Except as a really tiny desktop, I’m not seeing the benefit of this PC.

Just get a Display Port to HDMI Converter.


Can you play 1080p video at a high bitrate?

Thanks on the port converter recommendation. Any thoughts on the best way to add wireless?

It has wireless, They must have forgot to put it in the specs.
Antenna port is on the right in rear picture.

Is this new or refurbished? The price seems too low for new.

Never mind; I went back to the Woot email and saw that said it was refurbished. Would have been nice if they’d have put that in the description or specs on the web page too!

Damn Woot!

Woot! please fix this. Pics don’t match specs. Specs say no wireless. Pics clearly show it does.

Also, pics show bluetooth. Specs don’t say anything about that either.

Truth in advertising, please clear this up…

Come on Woot! This has been up for hours and you have the item as a M72E in the description and one picture so labeled, two other pics show M73E, and this in the face of several questions seeking clarification

Does it have bluetooth and wifi or not?

Is it the 72 or the 73?

I am interested in this unit, but will not be buying a pig in a poke. Please get this sorted now!

Yeah, it’s too bad we didn’t put that information somewhere really obvious- like under the title. Sorry about that!

Wouldn’t a cheap Android tablet be better? Have you priced small touchscreen monitors?

Having only VGA and DP outputs is normal for Lenovo machines marketed for business. Been this way for years. My old Lenovo work tower with a Core 2 Duo was like this.

In the original specs, Bluetooth and WiFi are “optional,” so this listing may be correct (i.e. having neither).

And let’s dial down the outrage. You could always, um, just not buy this.

Does it come with the golf balls?

The main question is: what version of Display Port does this machine have? Will it also support sound?

That’s a good question, when you Google it, you’ll find a forum where it was asked before, but no one quite answered it. It doesn’t do you much good as a mediacenter if the display port doesn’t output sound. Lenovo has in the past had machines that for some reason they had not enabled the audio though the display port. There’s ways around it, but it’s not quite the same.

Sadly this offer is BYOGB- Bring Your Own Golf Balls…