Lenovo M72E Intel i5 320GB Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo M72E Intel i5 320GB Tiny Desktop
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Processor information from Intel’s Page. According to CPU World, this is a Ivy Bridge generation processor, having been introduced in 2012.

As always, these computers lack a HDMI port, but include a Displayport. I happen to think that Displayport rocks because you can purchase adapter cables to HDMI and DVI respectively.

Based upon the pictures posted, this looks remarkably similar to the Lenovo THINKCENTRE M53 Tiny Desktop, Intel J2900 Quad-Core 2.41GHz that Woot offered in January. If so, then you can pick up a bracket so that you can hang it behind your HDTV. I cannot comment on the speed because the two computers are extremely dissimilar in processors. However, I found this computer extremely easy to fix with only once screw holding the back cover which slides off. The only user serviceable parts is the memory (DDR3 SODIMM ) and the hard drive, and I ended up maxing out the memory and putting in a small SSD drive in mine.

That’s the deal breaker: You need to replace the slow hard drive with an SSD drive, which raises the cost by $100-200 plus a couple hour’s work to buy, clone, and replace it.

How is the fan noise? I am looking for silent, or about as close as you can get.

I have one of these with a 250gb Samsung EVO AND 16gb of DDR3. It gets a 1762 on Passmark.

There’s very little fan noise.

No wireless!!!

Why do you have to replace the HD with an SSD ? The current HD is fine and no need to replace. This computer fine for what it is.

Using the replace the HDD logic we should basically replace every part, on every computer, every few months.

I bought the low end version with the Pentium CPU from Woot a while back. HDD is dog slow. You can pick up a 750GB WD Caviar Black for around $60. Or a Sandisk 128GB SSD for around the same price.

Here’s something interesting I discovered with mine. Came pre-installed with Windows 8 Pro. I created the system restore discs, and then I wiped out the hard drive and installed Linux.

Decided to put Windows back on at a later point. The restore disc was actually Windows 7 Pro. Huzzah! So now I’m using this box as an HTPC. Windows Media Center for live tv and DVR, and Netflix/Prime/whatever streamer.

Not sure if this particular model on Woot today will create Windows 7 recovery discs. But might be worth a shot if you’re not a Windows 10 fan.

Currently using VGA + headphone jack to connect to TV. But eventually will buy a DP->HDMI adapter.