Lenovo M72Z 20" Intel i5 1TB AIO Desktop

Lenovo M72Z 20" Intel i5 1TB AIO Desktop

For future reference in case this ever comes up in a ‘previously on woot!’ link, I bought this and it was a complete debacle.

I received an entirely different model than was ordered, in poorly packed vacuum formed foam and bubble wrap filled generic box which was clearly not anything close ‘factory refurbished’ or ‘open box’. To top it off, it was so poorly packaged for the weight that the screen bezel cracked wide open in transit and some other molding/bracket damage was also clearly visible without ever fully taking it out of the box.

It is going straight back, best of luck to anyone buying from whomever woot! sourced this garbage from in the future.

I’m very sorry. I’ll pass this on to our manager over open box.

CS will take care of you.