Lenovo M73 Intel 256GB SSD Tiny Desktop

Would this work as a home theater pc?

Yes, as long as you don’t want 4K. You would need a DisplayPort to HDMI cable too.


This is exactly what I’d use this for, were I in the market right now. I’ve used an old Raspberry Pi to run my 1080p projector without any issues, so this would be great.

It’s possible that this could handle 4K (it has a DisplayPort, which can handle it), but I really wouldn’t expect it to given the processor and lack of heat dissipation. I could be wrong about that, though.

Intel Processor Specs

Max resolution for the embedded Intel Graphics is 1600p. Not quite enough ‘oomph’ for 4K (2160p).

I’m guessing it’s SELLER refurbished, too…

I REALLY like the form factor of these computers. I got 3 of the i5 processor models and swapped out the HDs for SSDs and they are plenty fast for general computer use (Office, email, web). I got those for $200 but the SSDs alone cost an additional $50 each, so this deal looks good on the surface. I am not sure about the processor on these, though. 8G RAM and a 256G SSD makes them tempting!

The VESA mounting bracket for these is part number 0B47374. I got 3 directly from Lenovo, but they do not seem to carry them anymore. Too bad - this made for a very excellent desktop configuration. I found some on eBay but I am not sure if the shoulder screws are included.

EDIT: I did a processor lookup/comparison and these are a “no” for me this time. If they offer the i5 models again, I will grab a few more!

Sure. Why not. Not included though.

I know crap about computers. Would I be able to play Fallout: New Vegas with this?

Just got the computer and kinda disappointed. Wifi not built in, they include a wifi adapter to use in one of the USB ports (one less port available) - this WAS NOT noted on the specifications. Also no information as to exactly what computer I received (no packing slip, etc.) - is it the model I ordered?. Not sure I got what I paid for until I set it up and turn it on.

Just checked and the specification specifically state “built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless” NOT an external wifi adapter as I received. This unit will be returned. Makes me very suspicious of purchasing from WOOT again