Lenovo M73 Intel Core i5 Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo M73 Intel Core i5 Tiny Desktop
Price: $549.99
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So why does an easier to make laptop WITHOUT a display (this) cost more than a harder to engineer laptop WITH a display?

Check out the product page

The last computer I bought from Woot was a disaster. They would not take it back. I would advise anyone thinking about buying from Woot to give it a second thought. Some of their suppliers provide no support and sell computers with free viruses.

Solid state hard drive, a Haswell i5, and 8GB of RAM. This is actually some pretty nice hardware. Plus, the OS license is for the Pro version, which adds a few bucks.

Most sub-$600 laptops that offer this processor or better are hampered by a 5400RPM drive.

Seems like a pretty decent hardware, too. It’ll make a great HTPC.

Good luck with your Lenovo preinstalled spyware and rootkits. http://thehackernews.com/2015/09/lenovo-laptop-virus.html
This is not the latest just the last one I could find.

The hardware has been good to me at work but I wouldn’t put my data on it.

does the kb and mouse it comes with wired or wireless?

None of those, to my knowledge, affect the Think product lines (ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, ThinkStation). But if you’re concerned, do like we do and just wipe the hard drive and reload the OS yourself.

This is only $515

Occupies a slightly larger volume of space, but comes with a full HD IPS display and a battery. Has an HDMI out, so it can be used closed as a workstation or as a portable laptop. All for less money.

Acer Aspire R 14 14" Touchscreen Laptop with Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 1920x1080 IPS display and 256GB SSD (Manufacturer Refurbished)

1 year warranty

I got the M53 version of this a few weeks back (quad-core Pentium J2900). It performs very well as a media PC streaming movies and television and serving up my mp3 collection using Kodi.

I get that this is a much faster processor (which isn’t necessary for media PC use) and has an SSD and more RAM but still don’t think it should cost more than twice as much.

If this came back around 429 I’d be the first sucker. Maybe they have a bunch of them and like the last model, we’ll see it again and again until they’re gone.

Better processor and graphics chip in the desktop, plus I’d rather have the smaller footprint for a htpc. It’s all preference, really.

Premium for WOOT brand. Consider Woot now as another Amazon’s site for used, refurbished stuff.

The footprint may be smaller, but the laptop occupies a smaller volume of space. If you’re using it for a mediacenter either one would fit in a tight space, the advantage of the CPU in the tiny desktop is negligible with regards to use in a mediacenter Desktop passmark:5464 laptop passmark 3914, although the graphics performance slightly favors the HD520 in the laptop G3D 796 vs the Intel HD 4600 in the desktop G3D 710.

Product dimensions: 13.5” (W) x 9.6” (D) x 0.7” (H)= 90.7 cubic inches

7.2" x 7.16" x 2.5"= 128.9 cubic inches

Bottom line is for less money you can have something that is much more versatile. You can fulfill all the requirements of a tiny desktop, yet be completely portable with a full HD screen- all for less $$

120 GB SSDs can now be found all over for < $45 and I’ve purchased a core i5 laptop with a 256 GB SSD on this very site for < $300.

The only reason to buy this SFF at this price is because you have very specific need for it’s size. It’s a lousy deal otherwise, IMO.

He does not exaggerate. Lenovos are full of software which solve problems that don’t exist. I’ll never buy another without a complete wipe first.

I love that statement: “full of software which solve problems that don’t exist.” This is so true.
That can actually be said of all the brands sold to some extent. Tablets are the same way, everyone feels there a need to inject their own crapware to “solve problems that don’t exist”.

So why could that guy ride that horse all the way through the desert and never give it a name?

I suppose, but I wouldn’t want my HTPC to be portable. It needs to be on the shelf ready to go when I sit down on the couch, not in another room completely disconnected. I’d also rather have it be a smaller footprint and occupy less space on a shelf; volume comparisons between the two don’t really matter to me. Like I said, it’s all preference.