Lenovo M73 Intel Dual-Core Tiny Desktops

Lenovo M73 Intel Dual-Core Tiny Desktops

I’ve said this before about these desktops: If you’re going to buy one, get the cheapest one and install your own SSD; the SSD upgrades are overpriced compared to what the bare drives are going for nowadays, and you can keep the HDD as a backup and/or throw it into a <$10 USB enclosure.

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Exact same price on Newegg (9SIA7RB78U2209) for the 320GB model (the cheapest).

I don’t believe that the NewEgg units come with the USB wireless adapter that these have.
I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about adding your own SSD. Even a Samsung 250G costs about what they are charging for the upgrade to 120G SSD.
Finally, I am not sure whether these require the bracket to do a VESA mount, but the other 4 Lenovo Tiny computers that I own do need the bracket and they can be tough to find. Without the ability to mount them behind the monitor, they are only slightly less obtrusive than a small footprint desktop computer at about the same price refurbished.

The VESA bracket is NOT included with these (nor is it provided with the NewEgg models). Without the bracket (or fashioning one yourself), this isn’t going onto the back of a monitor. Velcro, possibly…

Amazon has the bracket at a ridiculously high price of $32. Lenovo has them for $11.99 plus shipping. Part number 4XF0N03161.