Lenovo M83 Intel i7 256GB Tiny Desktop

Lenovo M83 Intel i7 256GB Tiny Desktop

Could you maybe NOT keep offering crap from companies already known to populate their hardware with malware?

What malware is in the golf balls?

  1. Receive computer.
  2. Choose “Fresh Start” in Windows.
  3. All applications are removed leaving only a clean Windows installation.

I have 2 Lenovo Notebooks I’ve never used so that is helpful… I’m nerdy but never knew that, thanks

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The malware is the least of my problems. If Woot keeps posting these tiny desktops, I’ll die of boredom way before the malware is even an issue.

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Outside of it not having a wireless NIC, this has pretty good specs. I wonder how well they work in the long run since these are refurbs.

Who did the refurbishing?

We use a third party refurbishing company who we trust.

It should have a wireless NIC. the pics show a connection for the wireless antenna. Can Woot confirm this definitely doesn’t have wireless?

Sometimes it’s easier to just remove the entire MalOS.

  1. Receive computer
  2. Boot from USB
  3. Tell Ubuntu-Mate to use the entire drive.

It does not. It only comes with WiFi dongle.

The reason I know the “Fresh Start” trick is because I got a work computer – a Lenovo – whose Windows installation was completely screwed. Audio wouldn’t go over 8kHz (recording or playback); creating an MP4 video on the same computer would cause Windows to blue screen when playing it back in Windows Media Player, etc.

After doing the Fresh Start, the computer was much better. Not perfect, still, but I blame that on Lenovo’s drivers. Really flaky.

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