Lenovo M900 i5 256GB Tiny Desktop

Lenovo M900 i5 256GB Tiny Desktop

Does this have the PCIE expansion slot?
Might want to put a 4 port NIC in it

This is a mini desktop, they don’t have expansion slots. If you want to expand you do it using USB. It is has 4 USB-3 connectors. Attach a USB-3 hub and you can add your 4 network interface adapters and still have a place for the keyboard and mouse.

Can i have dual display with this?

Actually some mini desktops do have a single pcie expansion for a low profile card a lot of times. Several of the Lenovo ones do. This one on the Lenovo website shows one for some configurations. I just don’t know if this particular config has one.

Convenience Features

Attach devices and add-on controller cards to your M900’s motherboard with the optional peripheral component interconnect (PCI) slot.


Yes, it has 2 Displayport outputs.

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Also is the WiFi built in or is it via USB dongle?

These are really very nice little machines. I am using an identical one now to type this. This is a desktop CPU (i5-6500T) so the graphics performance isn’t too bad. You can also upgrade it later to an i7-6700T if desired. The Wifi is on a M.2 card and can be upgraded later as well. Inside is a m.2 SSD slot (NVme supported) and a connector for a SATA 2.5 HDD, although I don’t know if Woot is including the HDD caddy. They’re available on ebay if not.

As for the above question about PCIe-the Lenovo Tiny 920x has an optional PCIe slot, with options for 4x Ethernet or a RX560 discrete GPU. This model, the M900, does not have that option.


I’m on the fence about getting one of these. I’m not really super savvy with computers. Will this PC be good enough for everyday usage, not much for gaming? I saw the YouTube video on how easy it is to upgrade the RAM which I would like to increase to 16GB or even higher. Would it be unstable higher than 16?

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Will one of these work?

Thats exactly the SSD I am using!

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Technically you can… Its kinda of a project though. You’re gonna need hard to find parts… You’re gonna have to “think outside the box” to install one (pun intended). Internally, It does have a mini pci-express port. Its occupied with a wifi card, something similar to one of these:


^you’re gonna swap that out for something similar to this:

https://www.newegg.com/syba-si-mpe24043/p/N82E16833328037?item=9SIA62V8D18269&source=region&nm_mc=knc-googlemkp-pc&cm_mmc=knc-googlemkp-pc- -pla-virventures- -network±+interface+cards-_-9SIA62V8D18269&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4f35BRDBARIsAPePBHzqhDMRfCSrs5HrXNbbCHXQdSVOodpkETtyxUgs_WDA3ZeoXXb9pVIaAjpcEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

or swap it out for something like this and run the thin ribbon cable somewhere through the seems of the case:


Unfortunately, the 4 ports will have to be external… But it can be done!

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So are you using that 1TB drive as just expanded hard drive space or would it be something to clone the 256GB that this PC already came with? I’m thinking to optimize speed leave the 256GB drive purely to run Windows and have everything else on the 1TB drive

I removed the drive that came with the computer and replaced it with the WD SN550 1TB. I reinstalled Windows from scratch onto that drive. It has only one m.2 2280 slot for an SSD. There is a SATA connector as well above it but not sure if Woot is including the 2.5 HDD caddy. Most of the refurbs out there dont include it although they are available on ebay, etc.

I’m thinking of getting a 2TB 2.5 SATA SSD when prices come down as a backup drive. Tiny silent PC with 3TB SSD!