Lenovo M900 Intel i5 2.2GHz Tiny Desktop

Lenovo M900 Intel i5 2.2GHz Tiny Desktop

Just an FYI - you can buy this from Lenovo directly with MUCH better specs and get their 1 year onsite warranty for about the same price (399)

ThinkCentre M90n

Slower processor, right?

Newer processor that is more efficient and maxes out at 4.10GHz; also has a bigger hard drive and integrated WiFi.

Absolutely not the same device. Try to upgrade the RAM on the M90n ( hint: you can’t. You’re stuck with 8GB which I consider the absolute minimum at this time and likely not enough in the future,while on the other hand, the M900 can handle 32GB )
Also only ONE DP Port on the M90n.
The M900 can take 2 HDD, the M90n can’t.
I was thinking about an M90n after I got my M720p, but the benefits are few. None if you ignore the slighly smaller size of the M90n.
An AC Wifi USB stick is how much? 15 bucks?

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