Lenovo M90P Intel i5 3.2GHz SFF Desktop

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Lenovo M90P Intel i5 3.2GHz SFF Desktop
Price: $249.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Dec 10 to Monday, Dec 15) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Are the keyboard and mouse a toss up or are they Lenovo branded?

Lenovo M90P Product Support

Lenovo M90P Hardware Maintenance Manual

CPU Benchmark

Time to learn more about the processor

If only I didn’t have a eMachines EL1358G-51W, this would be perfect for me.

And we have Intel making a difference.

I’m gonna assume they’re Lenovo, but you know what they say about assume…

I emailed the buyers. I’ll let you know what I hear back.


Sounds like we’ll get confirmation in the morning. So basically, I’m saying don’t wait up. :slight_smile:

What they say.

What is an “External bay”? Is it inside or outside the console?

It means it can be accessed from the outside, like a CD/DVD bay or perhaps a floppy drive or a card reader.

More here

Ah, got it. So that means if I want to add a second internal hard drive, the 5.25" bay is probably not the spot?


no, but it has displayport

Not a bad buy really. Amazon has it refurbed as well for $280 (with a GB less RAM).

By adding another 4GB of RAM for ~$30-40, you could have a really decent desktop for under $300.

I have a refurb Lenovo with a similar feature set to this one. I’ve been using it as a file server and it has worked flawlessly. (In this usage, external drives pick-up the files for off site back-up.)

The accessories that came with mine (keyboard and mouse) were low cost generic items. If I was using mine as a work station, I would upgrade them.

Mine is a nice workmanlike machine. Nothing more, nothing less.

It wouldn’t be problem, actually, if the 5.25" bay were vacant. An external bay is essential if you’re adding an optical drive or a floppy drive or a zip drive, because otherwise you couldn’t change discs. But there’s no reason you couldn’t put a hard drive in a vacant external drive slot.

BUT! The 5.25" external bay is NOT vacant. It has a CD/DVD drive already sitting in it. Probably one of the 3.5" bays is vacant, and the other 3.5" bay holds the hard drive.