Lenovo M90P Intel i5 3.2GHz Tower Desktop

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Lenovo M90P Intel i5 3.2GHz Tower Desktop
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to check out the product page

It states in the headline that it is a tower.
However, in the spec section,It state:
"In the box:

Lenovo M90P Small Form Factor Desktop, "
Could you please confirm whether it is a tower or a small form factor?

I’m checking in with our computers team.

CPU Benchmarks

Please Note: Lenovo’s own website says that this computer only takes a max of 8GB RAM http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/pd000829

Someone was in a hurry and saw the 32MB cache and mistook it as max RAM. This is a significant mistake in terms of value, but at $229 who cares.

This is still a good computer, but not a blazing fast gaming rig.

Will this run CSGO at decent settings before upgrading the video card?

It’s refurbished old crap. Dual core. Not enough ram. Needs a new video card, power supply is weak. Move on…

I just need to replace the desktop in my preschool office that runs Vista. No high demands. Create flyers, do payroll, store pictures,manage facebook page, email…etc… limited budget. Is this a decent upgrade for this purpose?

Laptop refurbs are about the same price for the features plus usually have HDMI ports. Not sure why people buy towers since you can connect peripherals just as easy, they are portable and have a battery which is great if you lose power.

You bet. I’ve purchased literally hundreds of these M90p’s over the last several years and have had great luck with them. This would fit the requirements you stated quite nicely. This isn’t ever going to be a big flashy gaming rig but for everyday use like email, office applications, internet, etc… it would work very well. Keep in mind that these are probably business machines that have been returned as off-lease so re-purposing them as another business machine is perfectly fine. There may be some who expect to be able to transform this into a powerful gaming box and it’s never going to be that.
…as always, whether it’s a new machine or a refurb, keep a good backup of your most important data.

Can it be made wireless???
at what cost???


Yes any machine can be made wireless. USB with wireless are around 30 dollars.

ThinkCentre M90p Product Support

ThinkCentre M90p Hardware Maintenance Manual

And this is a gamer’s opinion or ??? I ask because opinions of gamers and so-called power users scare away sales by average users who would be very happy with this unit. Same thing happens with Chromebook sales.

I think if you add a PMS-20 with an STD buffer you can achieve VTOL.

Three different images - One with USB 2.0 ports and color coded audio jacks, one with USB 3.0 ports and non-color coded jacks, and one with USB 2.0 and non-color coded jacks. Oops

Thank you for your patience while awaiting for further info.

According to Woot Staff, today’ offer is in fact a “tower”. The offer has been edited and changed to reflect this update.

Like most Lenovo desktop PCs, you can upgrade the processor, since this uses the same mobo across all models. However, a quad core i5-750 is currently $195 on Amazon. Also, the RAM is limited by the motherboard; 8 GB max, DDR3-1333. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Lenovo was using their proprietary front panel connectors on this system, making it impossible to do a motherboard swap in the first place.

Again, perfect, light duty system for an XP/Vista upgrade to Win 7 and get you inline for Win 10 when it’s released.