Lenovo M92P Intel i5 320GB Tiny Desktop

Is there a slot for DVD’s ?

No, but they do have several USB2 and USB3 ports. So you can add an external DVD or BD Drive.

Remember, those things are tiny.

Ask questions.
this item seller or factory refurbish?
What about the product status?

James, usually Woot will put the term “Factory Refurbished” if applicable to the product.


No HDMI, but it has DisplayPort, and DisplayPort to HDMI adapters can be had for under $20.00 at the mothership.

What about heat. The smaller you make a computer, the greater the heat. It is just a fact, because there is less surface area to place a heat sink. Unfortunately the smaller you make them, the greater the chance of less service time from them. So if you don’t really have a need for such a small computer, you are best off to stay away from this thing. And don’t care if you are blowing air over it, heat is the worst enemy of transistor and most solid state devices.

Man I really wish this had a 2nd nic, but at this price you can’t ask for too much.

Can the standard hard drive be replaced with an SSD?

I’d think so, but just askin’.

CPU benchmark

35W TDP. It’s not a space heater like an old Pentium.

Should not be any issue; here’s the page from Lenovo support.

(Usual caveats about doing this at your own risk, Woot/Lenovo not liable, etc. apply.)

You can get USB Ethernet adapters inexpensively. I have one that’s dual-NIC which works great!

Must be some heat there, you got two fans a blowing on it. I got a samsung phone which amounts to being a small computer, and it overheats all the time affecting it performance. Heat is the greatest factor in poor performance of solid state devices, so don’t make them so small if you don’t have too…it does affect their overall performance and the length of time that you can run them. Heat can even permanently damage them over time. Don’t make them so small if you don’t have too.

It’s a tiny desktop
A desktop for money
Will do what you want it to do

That tells me that they have the heat managed. You want the heat moved OUT away from the CPU, and fans do that well.

You want hot? - my main laptop used to be a Dell 1100 that used a 75w, 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 desktop processor. In a laptop. It was 8 years old when I retired it, still working.

As for your phone, put the blame on Samsung. Their design doesn’t relate to this small desktop computer.

This is refurbished as noted in the sale.

“Refurbished” covers everything from buyers’ remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

Not sure what you mean by status?

These use the lower power consumption versions of the i5. TDP is only 35W compared to normal desktop i5 TDP of 77W for a similar i5. They get a little warm, but nothing to worry about. I use these for conference TVs. You can mount to a TV mount. I checked the power consumption of a similar one and it was 15W in use and 0.05W standby. Pretty impressive. Swap the HDD with a cheap SSD and you got yourself a nice $250 micropc.

Would this be good for using basically as a Plex server along with some web surfing and using MS Word?

Where is the best place to look for mentally sound people? At the “out door” to the insane assylum. The folks walking through there are recently certified.

And factory refurbs have had their infant mortality failures corrected.

Sure thing. Personally I’d want more storage on a plex server, but the hardware is more than capable.