Lenovo M93 Intel Quad-Core Tower Desktops

Lenovo M93 Intel Quad-Core Tower Desktops

If someone is considering this deal i would hesitate.
I ordered two and they came yesterday. One is lacking a windows 10 product key and the customer service is less than great and now i am dealing with this extra hassle.
And the other one has no optical drive, they didnt even reply or care about that fact and concern…
Just another piint of order and concern with buying this refeb.
If things dont work out, i qill just contact woot to see what to do.

Hi there. A couple things…

Windows Key: That is stored in the BIOS so don’t look for a sticker. If it’s not starting up due to the lack of a key, have you tried contacting CNB? They have the warranty for this.

Warranty: 1 Year CNB Computers

Optical Drive: As noted in the specs, this does not include an optical drive. We use stock photos so make sure you go by the specs.

Optical Drive: None

great response.

you’re right of course.
I was able to find a script to pull the key from bios and activate it.
The other machine has a sticker and I had to active from the stick manually. Both machines tell me I need to do that step.
as far as cnb- I guess considering things they have been okay. They are going to send me an optical drive- considering it doesn’t come with one, thats above and beyond I guess.

I suppose it hasn’t been a complete loss- but I likely won’t be buying refeb computers from woot again nor can I honestly recommend it.