Lenovo M93P Intel Core i5 Tiny Desktops

How many golf balls does it come with? I mean like, throw in a couple dozen top-end golf balls and I’ll consider buying.

Dang… I was just coming here to ask if the golf balls came with it.

Judging from the picture, “Fore!”

^^ Winner

These are total junk… They overheat, the motherboards crap out after a year, and something causes their performance to just tank. Lenovo’s customer care is a joke now and they will run you around so much you can qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Oh and the woot price is not far off of retail so you are not saving anything either.

Bought 15 of this model for use as displaying power points in break rooms for employee information. They have all been replaced with Raspberry Pi’s as the Pi is more stable.

This seems awfully pricey for a computer with a 4 year old processor. Even at 100 dollars less, I would call it a decent deal at best. Unless you are really needing the extra umph of the desktop processor and more than likely your not if you are buying a 4 year old computer, you can find 4th generation I5 Latitudes and Probooks with the same amount of memory and a 250 GB ssd for less from just about any etailer out there. At least at then you get some portability.

I bought a M73 with the same processor and sized SSD, but only 4G of RAM over 3 years ago from Woot, for less than this.

I really like the machine itself, but you’d think for the same money 3 years later you could get something more than an additional 4G of RAM.

I’ve purchased at least 12 of these over the last several sales (over the last two years or so) both 73P and 93P’s and honestly they are really nice. They are quiet, TEENY, and do exactly what they need to do. No, they aren’t for gaming. But if you need a small footprint machine for general use you can put anywhere, these are really nice.

Price-wise I think they are a little high, but you are paying for the tiny-ness and a new one with only 4GB and a 500GB SATA starts at $100 more at the Lenovo site. This has twice the RAM and an SSD drive which you want to add anyway.

A new 500GB SSD starts at around 100 at amazon plus you’ll have to add memory which is about $40 from Crucial, so at the end of the day, it’s more like a $250 difference to get the new machine.

And of course you can add more than 8GB of RAM. A couple of mine have 16GB.

I’m sure there are a few more differences with a new one, like USB 3 ports, and a couple other things, but for what I needed them for*, these are great. I LOVE these.

*workstations for my niece and nephew for online school, workstations for my Mom and Dad for web browsing, email, etc, building a small lab environment at home, central machine for home automation system, server for Plex and Streambaby on TiVo, etc, etc, etc. Thousands of household uses! Just install TeamViewer on them and they work headlessly. Is that a word? Headlessly? Sure. I think so…