Lenovo M93P Intel i5 120GB Tiny Desktop

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Lenovo M93P Intel i5 120GB Tiny Desktop
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Monday, Jul 25 to Tuesday, Jul 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Processor info:
CPU Benchmark

Is ram expandable?

Does it come with the golf balls?

I take it you are too lazy to read the bullet points included in the sale?

“4GB memory – For multitasking power, supports up to 16GB”

“Estimated delivery Jul 28 - Jul 29”

Just barely in time to get the free Windows 10 upgrade (July 29th is the last day).

Hey Woot, any way to get expedited shipping on this one particular item? Because it increases the value by a lot (we’ll get support from Microsoft for years longer).

In case you are curious the max resolution is 2560x1600 (DisplayPort)60Hz;


I ordered one of the dual core models they had posted the other week. Quickest order I have ever received from Woot. I think we had it in two days.

RAM is expandable to 16 gigs. I haven’t owned it long enough to provide a decent review, but we’ve been happy thus far.

Easy upgrade to Windows 10. This is more of a Microsoft thing, but upgrading to Windows 10 can be a pain if your system isn’t up to date.

Too lazy or too drunk. You decide.
I take it you take it a lot.

Estimated delivery looks like it got moved out to Aug 02 - Aug 03… just not in time to get the upgrade. Damn, the free upgrade was a big selling point on this for me.

edit: I think the estimated delivery date is based on your woot account location.

Any thoughts on expedited shipping, woot?

Can I add an internal 3.5"(non-SSD) HDD? Is there space and bracket inside for it?

No, there’s pretty much zero space to spare inside the case. It only has space for one 2.5" drive, which the SSD is according to the tech specs:

You could connect an external drive to the USB 3.0 ports and that should give you relatively fast speeds.

Yes, there are two slots that accept up to 8GB each. You can install a total of 16GB of memory.

I have a 3.5" drive connected to mine and it works fine.

BTW, this offer includes the optional DVD drive, which also nets you an extra USB port.

What’s the video ram in this thing?

I guess the golf balls are there to compare the thinness only

I guess it refers to the memory of the video card ?

Per the vendor: This does not have dedicated video memory since it has integrated graphics.

That was hilarious!