Lenovo M93p Intel i5 128GB Tiny Desktop

Lenovo M93p Intel i5 128GB Tiny Desktop

Anyone know if the ram and hard drive are upgradable? TY

The “specs” tab of the description says “8GB DDR3 (supports up to 16GB)”.
And solid state drives are generally replaceable.

Kindof an odd combo of display ports. DP and VGA but no HDMI/DVI. My monitor only has DVI and my TV only has HDMI :(.

I’ve swapped 4GB with 8GB before. I’m pretty sure you can do 16GB no problem. Also, the this takes a 2.5" hard drive/SSD (laptop size) and they can definitely be replaced. I have a bunch of these I use at work and they run great. I use them with dual monitors. I use a displayport to HDMI adapter with one, and the VGA with the other. I am only using them for business so the VGA does not bother me. You can also add a second displayport to these if you want to. It is internal and plugs into the board and mounts to the back panel (there is a knockout for an optional item - can also be an internal wifi card).

Check out this thread for info on the second displayport: English Community-Lenovo Community