Lenovo N21 11" Intel 16GB Chromebook (S&D)

Lenovo N21 11" Intel 16GB Chromebook (S&D)

How does this item compare to:

Probably slightly more of less scratched and dented. Both only have one year of OS updates and support left- Jun 2020.

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For what it’s worth, I got a refurb’d Wooted S&D Lenovo Windows unit that was from a batch scraped up from some school. It was a rugged model made for tough school use. The keyboard was worn and yucky and failed. I got a replacement keyboard from China and was amazed at how repairable the Lenovo was! Screws were clearly marked and Lenovo had instructions on their site.

I’ve since added an SSD and more memory. I’m impressed that (at least for my model) they made it easy to work on.


My general rule of thumb is to never spend more than $100 for a Chromebook. This is the one to get if you are feeling the urge - 4GB of ram is fine. A year left of updates… fine. You can probably find one for under $100 that will have longer updates though.

We bought a refurb Acer Chromebook a few years ago and it has been great for the kids, homework, and Youtube. Updates end next month though. I may try to turn it into an Ubuntu laptop though.

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Out of curiosity, what if you were able to get an expensive one for 50% off (or so)?

I bought a Chromebook Plus (like new condition) in November 2017 for around $200 including a sleeve, a 45W Type-C wall adapter, AND a 7.2 foot Type-C to Type-C cable.

(There was actually a mistake in the wall adapter listing on Amazon, where instead of buying the wall adapter for $24.99 and getting a free cable for $13.99, I was able to buy the cable, and get the wall adapter for free.)

My sole dislike is that I can’t run WINE on it.

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That’s my rule of thumb. I know there are some nicer ones out there. These Chromebooks can be really useful but when I get closer to $200-300, why not buy a refurb Windows 10 laptop and have more options?

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Okay, thanks.

I would never go back to Windows after using a Chromebook. The first one that i got was a refurbished Acer and it is at the end of life this June as per Google’s policy, clearly stated when I bought it. I have never had to wait for updates, worry about viruses, or have it slow down to a crawl as all of my Windows laptops have. It works exactly like the day that I got it some five years ago. A refurbished Windows machine would be nothing but trouble and the specs would not be great for heavy use. Also, even for the price here, I would not be happy for only one year of use.

Thanks to the peanut gallery I was swayed and glad to score a dollar off with all the shenanigans. It also looks like the other one I posted was removed from its event page, so perhaps it’s the same batch?

Does this one have a flip around screen (for tablet mode) of just the turning camera?

It does not, but I had heard of that on other models.

Though I’m curious why the item page is now 404’d, I was trying to look at some of the specs when I bought it.