Lenovo N21 11" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Lenovo N21 11" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Can RAM and/or disk be expanded on this? (Anything that does not require a microscope soldering station…). And I am asking abou INTERNAL upgrades. Not plugging in an SD card or a USB thumb drive.

Sorry, SD cards or a USB thumb drive will not increase your RAM.

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Anyone know if this is returnable? Hoping I wouldn’t need to, but there’s always a chance I could get a lemon. With my luck!

And yet, websites exist to download more RAM…


Yes, of course.

Here’s our return policy:


Generally speaking, Chromebooks are not designed to be expandable.

This one is no different and it’s all soldered in:

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And Google is only going to update the OS through next June? That’s not even a year!

Thanks, but no thanks!

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Does this have a touch screen?

It does not.

I said “not” either of those options because they are common suggestions when people ask about upgrading and neither do what I was asking for.

Yeah, I wish it was that easy but SD cards or a USB thumb drive still will not increase your RAM.

Of course not, you need to visit downloadmoreram for that.

I need to download a bigger screen somewhere.

For what kind of device?

Probably I’ll start with my TV if it turns out to be easy, then work my up from there.

Get a movie theater screen.


Oh sure, where do I download that?

Online store.

Physical delivery though. (For legal reasons.)

That’s not acceptable. I can’t leave my house (For legal reasons)

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