Lenovo N22 11.6" Intel Dual-Core Notebook

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Lenovo N22 11.6" Intel Dual-Core Notebook
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CPU benchmark

My opinion: it’s no speed demon, but it’s sufficient for basic tasks like web browsing and office apps. I would not suggest this for anything more than basic picture editing or gaming.

As for the storage, the 64gb is eMMC, not a SSD. There’s more information about their differences here. It’s not upgradeable.

I love the Lenovo family of small laptops WOOT! sells. I’ve given several as gifts and have one myself.

This one is as small as I’d go on a hard drive though. I gave a 32g HP notebook to someone and the drive space is just way too small for anything useful. Can’t really even fit Office on it and still have any usable disk space for pics.

This is almost the same as the Dell Inspiron 11 with the 32G in it. I fixed one up for a friend and put a 32GB micro SD in it. I installed some office basics (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). There is enough space left for a good amount of pictures. You, however will not be playing much for games on this. Even the Windows Store busy games. Very sufficient for surfing, word and email though. Boots fast!

I would be very cautious about buying this. I bought one and the configuration of the computer did not match the configuration that was ordered, on further inspection the serial number on the box didn’t even match the serial number on the computer.
After talking with the manufacturer it turns out that the computers are sent to a third-party integrator before being shipped to a retailer.
So thats were this mistake came from but at the cost of 3 month from the warranty as there is only 9 months left out of the 1 year manufacturer.

I have the next model up, the $199 11" Thinkpad. Office 2007 and assorted “stuff” on its 128 GB SSD take up only 27 GB. However, my CPU, Celeron N2940, is about twice as fast as this N3050.

I got this same computer for my wife a few months ago from Woot for $20 more. We’ve had no problems with it, and she likes it a lot.

Link to that sale:

Anyone know if this will run Linux okay? Any driver issues with wifi, trackpad, video, etc?

Do you use every single Office app? Custom install could leave off unneeded items.

I personally don’t use any of it, preferring (free) Abiword for much of my writing and ($19) “Yeah Write” for early book chapters. But I grew up with 20 MB hard drives and Windows 3.1 and DOS.

I bought this laptop a little while back when it was for sale on Woot. I think is great for basic tasks. Everything works fine on mine except the space bar. It doesn’t work most of the time and when it does I have to really slam it. It has been like that since I got it.

As long as you’re using a distro that can install with a UEFI BIOS (which should be practically any major distro these days), I don’t think you’ll run into any problems. Considering they use nearly identical hardware for the Chromebook version, I believe Lenovo has specifically avoided the need for any proprietary drivers.

How would this do a streaming videos? (Netflix, HBO Go etc.)

is RAM upgrade-able or soldered on the motherboard?

Streaming quality will be great as long as your wifi connection is strong. The integrated graphics on this CPU and the resolution on the display will be more than adequate to handle video streaming under 1080p

We have virtual desktops at work and I need something that I can access my desktop from while out of the office that I can actually use a mouse (it sucks trying to work on an ipad) - would this be sufficient?

I hesitate to answer this because I am not sure what client you are using to remote into your virtual desktop and what applications you are running on your remote desktop. Some clients don’t always scale resolutions well and even if they do some applications you may be using aren’t going to handle 720p well. That being said if the client scales correctly and you aren’t running any apps that need better than 720p then this machine should work well for what you want.

I wonder if 64 GB is enough. I have the 128 GB SSD Lenovo that I bought here for 199. I love it. I sometimes have trouble with the trackpad, too lazy to buy a mouse :wink:

Looking for a cheap laptop to edit GoPro videos. Will this work?