Lenovo N22 11.6" Intel Dual-Core Notebook

I’ve seen this around - anyone have purchased it got any feedback?

Caution. The processor rates appx 950 on the Passmark benchmark. That’s very slow. Compare that to other slightly more expensive Thinkpads or look on eBay.

I am a BIG FAN of these little Lenovo laptops!

I don’t have any experience with this specific model but I’ve picked up different ones offered on WOOT in the past and have been nothing but satisfied. Solid little machines.

64gb is about as small as I’d feel comfortable going on storage too. I bought a 32gb notebook for a friend and it’s just not enough space for anything, even certain Windows Updates once you put a couple programs on the HD.

You beat me to it. Yes, this is terribly slow machine. However that 950 is only on multi threaded applications. If it’s single threaded, watch out, the score is a piddling 470.

The Celeron N3050 is built on the Braswell architecture which is a successor to Bay Trail. In other words, this is little more than a die shrunk Atom processor.

This is for the Chromebook version, but if you open the Technical Specifications and scroll way, way, waaay down it says that the RAM is soldered. It can support up to 8 GB, but most likely has to built to order.

Have one of these, RAM is soldered, as is MMC:


Be sure to create the restore image USBs right away, the upgrade to Win10 Anniversary hosed mine but good, will no longer boot.

Thanks gang. The answer seems to be wait for the inevitable offering of the 4 core version of these for a little more speed, and hopefully an option to go to 8 GB of RAM. In general, I’m out on 1366 x 768 TN screens, but at this price and size I could take it. Not a fan of Windows at 4 GB, even if it works for now. Could live with the 64 GB eMMC plus MicroSD for storage, given machine’s likely use. Nice little package, and fine if you don’t share my RAM phobia.

What about for OBD2 interface applications? I’m thinking about picking something like this up just for the car. The best applications for cars run on Windows, but I don’t want to mess with my MacBook in the car, I’d rather have a dedicated Windows machine like this. I’m guessing most of these applications don’t require much in the way of processing power.

Interesting in re. OBD-II. Would you do a laptop before a hand-held scanner?

Will Woot let me get by with an off-topic post?

I am looking to buy a cheap laptop and have concluded a core i3 processor will work for me. Is it worth holding out for a 6th generation processor? I will just use the machine for pedestrian tasks but want it to last a long time.

Is there any form of Office that would run on this?

I picked up one of these last week, but the 32gb model for $20 less for a ‘toy’ or couch surfer if you will. I wasnt planning on running Windows on it, so the slowness wasnt a huge issue. I have Arch Linux running on it right now and it works well. It has good linux support, everything is intel based, so it worked out of the box without any special configuring. Xubuntu also worked fine. Good luck.

I picked one up two months ago as a small option for easy gaming and getting random things done. If you know what to expect it works fine. Near instant boot given the processor and everything works. Build quality is great as well. Do not expect an ASUS ROG and you will be fine. I am playing XCOM on it and it runs fine.

Von to work computer works without a hitch. No need to carry a 6 lb laptop anymore…

I bought one of these from Woot. Slow. As. Molasses. It’s difficult to type this post because of the lag. I only bought it for web surfing and e-mail… and I can barely do that on it.

Buyer confirms, not upgradeable.

I bought one of these a few weeks back from another Woot sale, and haven’t yet started it up. Any advice on configuring to get it as clean and speedy as I can? I do plan on purchasing a thumb drive for ReadyBoost purposes. I’m keeping Win10 and don’t plan on doing much aside from web browsing, although I will be putting Office on it for presentations, e-mail, etc.

Before you buy a flash drive just for that, be aware that it might not allow you to use ReadyBoost. If your hard drive is eMMC, it will most likely tell you that “this computer is already fast enough that using ReadyBoost won’t speed it up,” or something like that.

I bought a small laptop like this with a 32GB eMMC hard drive for my wife and tried using ReadyBoost, but to no avail.

Thank you.

Thanks for this, I’ll try and test it with an empty spare thumb drive before I go buying and formatting a dedicated one.

Someone asked last time if it will Linux? The answer is yes, and fairly easily, just remember to change the boot setting to ‘Legacy’ rather than UEFI.

Performance is good with a light Linux making this a great deal.

Bigger review coming on https://taur10.livejournal.com